holy delicious - a.m. edition

I re-discovered pomegranate seeds last week.  They had containers of organic seeds for $3.89 at the grocery store (not Target.  pat pat) and pomegranates themselves were nearly $2 each so I decided to take the easy route and buy the container.  

They are so delicious.  

I took these pictures before I ate and for the rest of the week, I skipped the nuts even though I LOVE me some nuts.  (stop laughing.)  The seeds themselves add such a nice crunch, you don't need any nuts, in my opinion.  Patrick and Nicky also enjoyed them.  My favorite way to eat them ended up being this:  
  • take one banana - slice into a bowl
  • peel one clementine - break apart sections into bowl
  • add a bunch of pomegranate seeds
  • drizzle a bit of vanilla yogurt over the top - about a 1/4 cup or so
  • eat!
 If you do buy a whole pomegranate, here are some instructions on getting the seeds out and here is some nutritional information if you're interested.



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