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So.  Awesome weekend.  Friday was the usual thrifty heaven but made even better by being there with Heidi.  She shared all sorts of knowledge with me about re-selling clothes and we talked so much that 3 hours passed by in a blink.  My monthly total is at, wait for it, $175.  yikes!  However, I've made $148 so far on Ebay and Etsy in only 2 weeks.  And this weeks' auctions aren't even over for 2 more days so it could end up with me breaking even.  Also, a lot of my money spent so far (probably about $60+) is for clothes that are going to a consignment store and to a children's re-sale sale in April so I won't know for a while if getting those things is worth my time. 

On Saturday I took the big kids to meet friends at a fun play place and then out to dinner at Culver's.  I kind of ate 2 dinners because a while later I met my friend Susan for (cough) dinner and drinks at a brewery in Verona.  We listened to a local band that I really like and again, 3 hours passed by in a blur. 

Sunday was started with a crabby Patty (Patrick) but improved as the day went on.  He was being creepy again on Monday though, so I called him on it.  He was slightly bitter that he can't just go get whatever new car he wants but I showed him where all of our money goes and that seemed to help.  I want both of us to be involved in our finances this year, it's a big responsibility, so I hope we are off on the right foot.  He was very sweet last night and again this morning so hopefully he's over it.  I also told him that I had even told my sister I wanted him to go get the new car that he wanted...but that was when we were still assuming he'd be getting his usual bonus.  No bonus = smaller down payment, you know?  Sometimes it's hard to communicate with Patrick because it has to be done in 10 minute intervals, spread out over days, or he shuts down.  I am accustomed to this now but it becomes an issue when he is being icky about something that we haven't fully talked through yet because we can't talk longer than 10 minutes!  men.  I love them.  :)

Today has been a long, slow day.  I watched my friend's baby this morning and spent a lot of time reading and playing with Nicky.  He is still not feeling 100% so he's a bit needier than usual.  Great!  haha.  :)  I did set up all my "making" stuff on the kitchen counter (out of his reach) so when I could grab a few minutes I could play around a little.  (I am a messy crafter.  Are you?)

I went to Jo-Ann's yesterday and found 2 more packs of Martha washi tape on clearance for .97!  woo hoo!  I also got three little rolls of paper (also for .97) that I thought were colors I might use.

Here are some of the little things I came up with:  (as you can tell, I got kind of hung up on the whale stamp.  so cute!!)

I photocopied some vintage Clue cards to use:

 I think this will be cute for James.  He likes word-play jokes and things:

And, here is a cute picture of me and Nicky.  Not traditionally cute of me (morning face) but I really like it of me and him together:

His skin is soooooooo smooth.



  1. I would suggest Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. It changed our marriage. It's a 13 week course but we learned so much and it really helped us communicate about our finances. :0)

  2. I whaley love that pic of you and Nicky!!! <3


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