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I was so busy with the rest of the house that I let our bedroom fall into disrepair over the holidays.  There was laundry and random Christmas stuff and (cough) dust all over the place.  My first job this week was to get it back in order.  It took the better part of a day with Nicky (actual time?  probably an hour.  :)  ) to get it together again and then I could have a little fun.

My random wall got a couple of new items...a picture of Patrick and I that I love (yes, also my current fb profile pic)
and that little bear print that I showed you last month:
What follows is a shot of the whole wall.  I actually have something almost ready to hang in the big lower gap between us and that tree print...just need to finish it up.
I also hung my new favorite print up that my sister gave me for Christmas.  She got it here and I absolutely LOVE it.  This is where I love to go every cozy bed (with Patrick next to me), my lamp, my little coaster and my pile of library books. ♥♥♥  
close up:
I found this vintage doll clothes chest that I have stuffed with feedsack scraps under my bed.  Time to do something with this mess!  I've got a couple of ideas...

So, how are you?  I am pooped out, to be honest.  Yesterday Nicky and I were gone all day and spent a lot of it was so beautiful.  After the kids got home we went back to the park and stayed until almost 5:00.  Couple all that fresh air with a few late nights and I need to catch up on my sleep soon.  Today I babysat a sad little buddy all morning and am now enjoying the silence of nap time.  I do need to find a slow cooker recipe for the pork loin I thawed out yesterday.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe just a short nap first?

xoxo, dear ones.


  1. Love is...those scraps! Swooon.

  2. go to food network and find the recipe for pork loin with mushroom stuffing. it was delish - made it with extra mushroom and no parsely or lemon. easy peasy and tasty. OF COURSE we had to scrape the dressing out of the loin in order for the boys even to try it.

    are you going to make a pillow or wall hanging with all of those wonderful scraps? if you want to sew - let me know...


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