lovey lovey january

Well, hello! and happy new year! Is anyone still around? I'm back but not sure I remember how to blog.

Just kidding...this is me we're talking about...of course I do!

As much as I love December, okay, not quite as much, but I love me some January, too. All fresh starts and clean corners and piles of crap out the door!  Also, some kids I know got their own rooms.  James suggested he have his room in the (still unfinished and somewhat mythical) lower level and at first we were all, "no way!" and then we were all, "hey...wait a minute..." and we did it and it's working out great so far.

James' room was a lego filled disaster when I was taking pictures the other day so his will have to wait.  Ruby loves hers and especially loves having her doll house in there and her "new" desk.  The desk and chair will be painted soon...we are still negotiating color choices.  At first she wanted "holiday colors and packers colors" but narrowed it down to bright red but now she said she wants red and purple and black.  with some pink knobs.  ha!  I do have some limits, girl child.  
Until I make new ones, these pumpkin post it notes are working great as labels:  (p.s. organization is so much easier now that she is starting to read!  lovey lovey reading.)

I am also enjoying the new January landscape in the living room.  I got this unused pottery barn stump candle at the the thrift store for $3.  I was so happy because I love burning candles and they are so pricey!  What should I write on my chalk board??

I hope your holidays were wonderful and filled with love.  Ours were...we had so much fun with my family and I am so grateful for all of it.

The big kids were both excited to go back to school today...I bribed them by giving them a ride instead of making them take the bus.  :)  Nicky and I are here, alone, together, and I am trying to remember how to be a mother again. 

We got a DVR the week before Christmas and I love it.  (lovey lovey DVR) 

I know I say I love stuff a lot.  That's 'cause I do.  :)

Well, listen.  It's good to be back.  Have a good day, dear ones.



  1. It's good to love a lot of stuff- that means you are happy! Still reading- thought I'd drop by to say Hi! I made that WW soup you posted and it was good:) Happy New Year!

  2. DVR has completely enhanced and ruined my life all at once. I love it so.

    I totally forgot about your great chalkboard that I was going to buy for a christmas present for a gift exchange this year. Dang! do you have any more left? I'll buy one for me instead.


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