Yay for January!

Who would have thought?  I think the mild temperatures, as much as they worry me, are making January more attractive than usual.

Here is a disorganized list of things on my mind for this year.  I'd like to say right now that I am feeling kind of unsettled and bored again.  This means my wheels are turning.  It also means that I'm feeling a bit tied down as I can't get too much done during these days with Nicky.  I know this is still mainly my time to be his mom and if I really want to do something, it will have to be during his nap time.  Nap time lazytown is hard to give up.  We shall see.  I just wanted to put that out there as it's on my mind these days.  Where will this year take me?

*continue to prep dinner in the morning
*go regular grocery shopping more often, at Woodmans, instead of going to Target for everything
*make myself a God pocket and put something in it  (I had one God pocket experience already and it was wonderful.  God is so with us all the time.  It's a small book with a really big and amazing idea, in my opinion.)
*do better at listing on etsy
*make stuff I love...find my own look
*apply for a craft show
*write an e-book with my favorite milk egg and nut free recipes
*continue to exercise & floss (my hygienist noticed my efforts and said my teeth looked really good...that made me so happy!)
*keep track of $$ I spend at the thrift store (24.63 so far, ytd)
*make a cinder block garden
*entertain multiple friends at least twice (brunch, etc.)
*try baked egg again with James and if he tolerates it, make something weekly
*spend more time with friends
*plan more after school snacks and have them ready (veggies and ranch, sunbutter balls, healthy granola bars, etc.)
*follow through with new ideas for blog
*babysitter at least 1x per month for date night (or date afternoon)
*continue to encourage patrick to wear cardigans, scarves and dark framed glasses ala Mikael Blomkvist

(hahhahahhahaha)  (but man, he is hot in this movie.)  (fortunately, Patrick is also hot and can achieve this look easily.)

Okay, baby is done humoring me.  Until later, dear ones.

OH!  I have been awful about replying to comments this week but thank you so much for the header love and for old friends who said hello!  :)  happy times.  xoxo


  1. Ooh! I like your wash tape header. Fun! I need to find some real washi tape for crafts but have not idea whereto buy it (yes, I live under a rock).

    I think you've come up with some dandy goals for 2012--I really like your God box idea.

    Just so you know, I've still been reading your blog--and always enjoy checking in from afar :)-- but have been TERRIBLE (lazy?) about leaving comments. This is me doing better. :)


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