partial weekend re-cap with a whole lot of other stuff thrown in

08:35:  Nicky is still sleeping.  Patrick is in the shower.  James and Ruby left an hour ago.  I got a whole hour to myself!  Quite unexpected and appreciated.  I was up until midnight so perhaps I should have crawled back in to bed but it actually didn't occur to me.  (dumb! dumb! dumb!)

How are you?  I've been so busy blabbering on about food that I haven't just had a chance to chat.  :)  There's been a lot going on that I'd like to catch up on, for memory's sake.

Can I just stop to say that I love those kind of random "you might like" posts that pop up under my current posts now?  It's so fun for me to go back and read about our days.  I see that while lots of things change, even more stay the same.  There are always ups and downs and projects and time to myself and a funny husband and cute kids and big messes.  Basically, a whole lot to be grateful for.

Speaking of which, I haven't been updating my "praise worthy" list here.  I go through things in my head but just haven't taken the time to record them and make a permanent link on the sidebar.  I am actually waiting to take down my current header - I am kind of sick of it already - and am so glad I didn't change everything up to match it.  I like to change my headers regularly so I think everything else has to stay pretty neutral.

Okay, let's catch up a little.

Last Friday Nicky went to Sarah's house.  I spent a couple of hours in James' room at school and then came home and listed stuff on ebay for a couple of hours before stealing away to the dig.  I hit gold there and spent $27 on clothes, which seems like a lot, but got soooooo much.  And I was only there for an hour and a half!  Lots for my family (mostly Ruby...lots of summer tshirts, which she totally needs) but also lots to try and re-sell.  My sister reminded me that I used to sell lots of stuff on ebay.  Lots of it!  Like, as my job.  Hmmmm.  I had totally forgot about that.  :)  Most of what I got is summery so I'm thinking it won't sell really well yet.  We shall see, there is definitely a learning curve but a lot seems the same, too.  (It's been nearly 10 years since I did that.  crazy.  ebay seemed like a baby then!  I remember sitting in our extra bedroom in our campus apartment, listening to mp3s (new-ish at the time) on my computer, drinking coffee out of my favorite thrifted mug and browsing ebay on our dial up connection...good times. :) )  Friday night we went to pick up Patrick (the car is kind of unreliable right now so we are pretty much sharing the van.  hoping to find a new car soon!  he drove it today but it's not much fun to drive.  hahaha.  understatement.  bless his heart.) and had Culver's for dinner.  James, my son who is allergic to dairy, ate deep fried cheese curds.  Talk about weird.  He loved them (of course) and we figure they must be cooked enough for his body not to recognize that they contain those horrible dairy proteins.

(09:00 Patrick just left.  Nicky is still asleep!)

Saturday morning we got up and I made some blueberry muffins with one egg in them.  (James is also allergic to egg and tolerates some baked egg but I hadn't tried it at home for a while)  I used our handy new iPad to view the recipe and it worked pretty slick.  (Susan, do you recognize those jars you found for me at Target that day?  I love them.  thank you!  :)  )

(another tangent...Patrick's boss came into his office a few weeks ago and handed him this iPad.  He told him if he could fix it, he could have it.  He left and Patrick had it working about 10 minutes later.  heehehheheeehee.  Patrick stopped at the apple store on his way home from work that night and picked out this nifty cover before he showed it to me.  He was so excited to show me, it was so cute.  I really like it but am not spending too much time with it as I am A)kind of afraid to break it and B) don't need another time sucker.  But it's awesome to have, especially because Patrick really wanted one but we just couldn't justify the expense with needing a new car soon.  What a blessing!  kind of makes up for no one getting bonuses this year.  :(  that was kind of surprising and sad but we've moved on now.  Patrick had just worked so hard last year, as he always does, but had done some extra and pretty amazing things at his job.  I hope it just means they are being sensible in these tough financial times.  I'd rather he had a job than a bonus, you know?  But bonuses sure are nice.  :)  )

SO ANYWAYS.  muffins.  Then we went outside because it had finally! snowed! the day before.  Nicky looked so flipping cute in all of James' old gear.  Having a big brother has many benefits.  Also, I am so happy to have snow pants this year!  It makes such a difference in my outdoor fun level.  Get some snow pants if you don't have worth it!!  (I say that but only spent $1 on mine.  hahahaha.  But now that I know, I would totally spend more for them.  Like, I don't know, at least $5.  hahahahaa)

 We stayed outside for maybe a half hour?  Ruby got ticked off about sharing the "fast" sled and Nicky just got cold.  Here is the aftermath:

:)  Ahhhhh, winter.  Why were we all waiting for you to arrive?

We just hung out for the rest of the morning and after lunch, I left again for some more thrifting.  Friday had just been sooooo good in the short time I had, that I had to go back.  I ended up finding more good stuff (like Levis for Patrick, which I never find) and went home happy and $10 poorer.  (monthly total?  $132.  now it's getting a little ridiculous.  but not really, if you saw all I got!)

Another tangent:  My thrifty friend and I were talking about how much we spend thrifting and it can seem like so much!  But when you think of it as a hobby, because I do love doing it, and see all the good clothes you get for your family at a fraction of the cost and make some of that money back by re-selling, it seems worth it.  It's good to have thrifty friends to rationalize with.  :)

Saturday evening has a hilarious tale to it but I have to go now.  It's 09:18, Nicky is still asleep, and if I just keep typing this will turn into a chapter book.

Honestly.  Longest post ever??  sorry.  :)  no worries if you skipped to the bottom, okay?

xoxo, dear ones.


  1. I was looking for those jars the last time I was at Target. I want the big ones now. Couldn't find them :(


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