ruby reads

Last night I read to Ruby from The Long Winter for quite a while.  Afterwards, she picked up the book and started looking for "star words" that she had learned at school.  Then she wanted me to point out words that she could try to sound out. We did this for over an hour.  She was doing so well and having so much fun.  We ended up making a list of all the words she could sound out and included some of the trickier ones like "of" and "off" so she could practice them.

I remember when James was learning to read I was so proud of him but didn't talk about it much because I didn't want to seem like I was bragging.  I now know that nearly *all* kids start reading in kindy (or before!) and it's not much to brag about.  :)  It is, however, something to be celebrated.  I love that she is learning but even more I love seeing her try so hard without having a frustrated meltdown.

Could it be?  Is she growing up?

I love it.



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