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Ruby went to an all-out carnival themed birthday party on Saturday. They rented a popcorn machine and my friend wore a clown suit. Now that is dedication. :) It was awesome.
On Sunday morning, before Patrick hurt his back, I finally finished these little jammies I made for Nicky.  I made Jacob a pair for Christmas and now the boys can be twins at Uncle Thomas & Erin's wedding next month. 
I might need to sew a mini pair for the new little boy nugget in my sister's belly.  (IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!)  :)  xoxoox
Nicky on a walk yesterday afternoon.
I also finally hemmed this calendar I ordered for my sister and myself from Spoonflower in December.  I love it and it's on my bedroom wall.
I found my new scarf in the holiday Cath Kidston catalog.  The colors are reversed on mine...mostly navy with red.  I saved a mere $61.75.  :)  What I love most about it is it's a very thin and lightweight non-scratchy wool. 
I had the best day.  It is gorgeous out.  We walked forever and I hung our bedding on the line.  I needed to use up some fridge stuff so I made a quiche, green smoothies, 2 loaves of zucchini bread, an apple galette (because I only have one pie pan. haha) and some bacon.  Tonight will be pancakes for dinner and tomorrow is grocery shopping day... 

...or maybe Thursday as Nicky and I might go to Toddler Time tomorrow morning.  A few months ago I said I'd rather die than go to Toddler Time again but here I am, with a toddler who really needs some time to run and play.  I would also love to connect with some other moms of littles that stay home in my town.  Our playgroup was such a huge part of our life when James and Ruby were small and I am suddenly missing that support system.  I'm grateful to still count those women as friends but we don't all hang out and let our kids play anymore...they are all in school!  I'd like some of that again, for myself and Nicky.

speaking of Nicky...he's up.  xoxo


  1. Hey, we have sheets that match Nicky's pants! We love them, so cozy and comfy and fun.

  2. zoe - you know what I mean, right? I love meeting up for coffee and shopping but that's not so fun for Nicky all of the time. He needs to run and play with other little buddies like our big kids got to. and it's my job to find them. :) I hope you know what I meant.

  3. Yes. That is so what I ment. I miss those times when I could see friends AND my kid could see friends. Now it is just play dates where I have kids and no friends for me to talk to:( I would soooo be going to toddler time if I was you. It is good for you AND Nicky.


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