such hard decisions in life...should I use aqua glitter or brown?

My kids had the day off yesterday. The dynamics of the three of them together can be exhausting but we had a pretty good day.
James went to the library for some Mario Kart tournaments for a couple hours during Nicky's naptime so Ruby and I got to get our craft on.
I glittered my front door key!  It's so cute and I'm happy with it.  Found the idea from this blog via Pinterest.
I used some of my new Martha Stewart washi tape that I found at JoAnn's a few weeks ago.  The small green one is my favorite.  (I even shared with Ruby.  That was hard.)  :)
We made some little tags.  I love them.
I tried another Pinterest idea and made some glittery tape.  Lovely idea found here, originally.

See?  Sparkly.
I love collecting random inexpensive bits at thrift stores to use for crafting.  Here are some of the things we used today.  Typewriter paper is so awesome.  Too bad I don't have a typewriter anymore.   I think a craft date is in order, Teresa.  :)

Ruby had originally wanted to make beaded necklaces (again!) but I lured her over to my side with the paper puncher and glitter.  

It was a fun little break to the day.

I wanted to write more about my awesome weekend and ornery husband but Nicky is up.  He got a cold this weekend so I need to determine his snot level.  If it's not too bad, I volunteer in Ruby's room this morning.

Have a good day, dear ones.



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