sweet storage, come to mama

the living room by lunch time (every day):
One of the (unforeseen) benefits of James and Ruby switching things up was the total sorting of their stuff and the consolidation/organization of what they kept.  When the dust settled (which it truly did...cough, cough) we ended up with 3 small multi-drawer storage things that were EMPTY.  I happily claimed them and put them to use yesterday.  The next picture is of all the random baskets and stuff that I was using to keep my arts and craft stuff organized...what a heap of randomness!  (but it worked, for the most part)
However, this suits me a little bit more:
Ahhhhhhhh.  :)  I almost got all crazy on you and started labeling the photo with what is in each drawer.  hahahaha.  I plan on putting real labels on everything today.  I made a birthday card this morning and it was so nice to open up my paper drawer and then my stamp drawer and have everything I needed right there!  (that is my other resolution that I forgot to tell you about...send bday cards to my friends and loved ones.  I used to be soooo good at this but have slacked off since children for the most part.  I gathered most bdays over the last few days using facebook and emailed for the rest of them so I am pretty much set!  of course my sister has to have her bday on JANUARY 1st of all days so I already failed (because I didn't decide until the 2nd) but I know she will forgive me.  right, seester???)

And, for my mother, here is James' room:
The unseen half has the big white dresser and the WII tv.  The space is separated by our futon.  Still working out great!  They each love having their own space and I do, too.  So much easier to send them to their rooms now.  :)

My brother and Erin (future WIFE and SISTER) got the big kids Nintendo DS's (?) for Christmas.  James almost had heart failure.  :)  I was concerned it would be a battle once school started but he hasn't picked it up all week.  He did say he was going to play for a long time this weekend but that is fine with me.  That's what weekends are for, right?

That and going to look at moldy houses.


I'll tell you later but no, we are not moving.

xoxo, dear ones.

Oh, and yes, Nicky is at Sarah's today!  lovely free day for me to (hopefully) work, work, work.

xoxo again.

Oh, and I want washi tape, too, Holly!  I think you can get it on amazon and etsy.  I'm going to order some with my etsy money.  yay!

xoxo, for real.  that's it.  I'm out.


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