taking the red eye

Under my eyes is really read and sore.  On top of them, too.  I had a reaction to that wonderful! classic! pink and green Maybelline mascara and went to the doctor for it this morning.  Thankfully she gave me some steroids...I'm hoping they feel better after a couple of applications. I feel sad that the kids in James' class will have to see me like this but they are only 8, right?  They won't get too scared.  :)

Nicky loves to help out.  He knows where just about everything goes and loves to put stuff away and then come and get me to show me.  My favorite things he says right now are answering "good" when you ask him how he is or how he slept or something like that.  It sounds more like "guh" and is so cute.  The other is when you tell him something and he thinks on it for a minute and will then say, "oh."  so freaking cute.  His new words this week are purple and puppy.  Last week he started saying night-night.  xoxoxo, nicky.

My thrift store total for the month seems HUGE so far.  Yikes.  So interesting to track this.  I've spent around $81!!  I did make some bigger purchases, though:  desk:15, chair:5, vintage framed picture :7.50, gap dress for ruby: 5, boden (!!) dress for me:13  (the 2 dresses are for my brother and erin's wedding...both are like new...boden one still had tag string inside so maybe not even worn) and then a bunch of other little stuff for crafting, clothes for the kids, clothes to re-sell, etc.  It adds up quickly.  I bet I'd have gotten a lot less for that money at Target, though!  Heck, the boden dress probably cost 2x as much so I feel pretty good.  I do want this print:

It is so true!!  I'm saving my pennies and will get it someday...you can find one here.

I feel like I have scabies of the eye or something.  I want to scratch them sooooooooo bad.  I look soooooooooo ugly.  :)  But I am warm so that's something.

xoxoxo, dear ones.


  1. Yucky. I hope it feels better today. Been thinking of you, been busy. Maybe next week we can meet someplace and chat.


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