took a header

I've been playing around with my header on and off all day.  I love washi tape and found a great tutorial for adding it to an image in GIMP.  It is slooow going though because I am then adding the text in Lunapic to get the font I like.  I eventually want to do all my sidebar titles on the washi tape like the etsy one is now...go look!  :)  This is fun but now I'm pooped out.  (and I want the washi tape image to have a transparent background...need to figure that out so my blog background doesn't have to be white...)

The main header image is from a BlueQ pouch that my mom got me for Christmas that I, you know, LOVE.  :)  xoxo


  1. Soooo cute! I clicked over from google reader to see it :) I need a new header (and a new blog name . . .) baaaaaad. Wish I had even half your talent!

  2. I am about to break down and pay someone (gasp) to fix up my blog I think. There are some SO CUTE feedsack tapes like that washi tape and I want it plastered all over ye olde blog.

    BTW, I read Emorys gift after you mentioned it. (Thank you library for having it!). It was wonderful!


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