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Good afternoon, dear ones.  How's it going?  Good here.  Nicky just went down for a nap and I just inhaled a burger left over from last night.  Patrick made them and they were delicious...I'm glad there are none left or I might be tempted to make a pig out of myself.  :)

We had a good weekend, I hope you did.  I looked at a house on Saturday that my sister and her husband probably won't end up buying.  That is a bummer but I really believe they will be moving here sooner rather than later and that is definitely not a bummer.  I also did some making, some thrifting ($16.50), had a nice outing with James, Ruby and Ruby's friend yesterday, watched some quality entertaining tv with my husband, went to church, ignored the laundry and drank a lot of coffee.

Oh, wait.  I have to admit something.  I have a new favorite flavored creamer.

Latte flavor. 

wha????  Isn't a latte just espresso and steamed milk?  Yeah, I think it is.  So I bought (and like!) a milk flavored creamer??? 

If I was a deep thinker, I'd say this makes a big statement about our society, myself in particular, but luckily I am not (usually) a deep thinker.  :)  

Also, it's only 25 calories per tablespoon and actually flavors my (small-ish) cup with only one tablespoon.  That never happens! 

Wait a minute.  Why did I tell you about that?  Oh yeah...talking about my coffee. 


(slightly awkward subject change)

If you visit my actual blog you might have noticed some changes!  I also spent some time playing around with different add-ons and stuff this weekend.  My posts now have a "Pin It" button at the bottom of them and also some suggested related links.  Over on the side bar are some of my most popular (ie: searched for) posts (hello, random!) for your viewing pleasure.  (har har)

I also made a facebook page for Built to Last!  Please like me.  :)  (and thank you SO MUCH to those who already have.  xoxo)  You can find it here.  I plan on posting random stuff I like as well as links to my posts here.  I know it's a pain to click over from a reader to comment  on a blog but most everyone is on facebook at some point during the day, right?  I think it makes good sense to make chatting a bit easier.  Last week Kathy had tried to comment here and it didn't work (so frustrating!) so she posted on my wall and we got to talk a little and it was fun.  I'd love to do more of that with you guys! 

Thinking about myself and my interests and roles and our finances has been on my mind a lot lately.  The first way I'd like to make some money for my family is by selling stuff that I make.  I've had small but fairly steady sales on etsy and I am really curious if I can make that grow if I put more time and work into promoting it.  (and more time into actually making stuff and brainstorming new ideas.)  From what I see, having a popular blog can really contribute to sales.  I've never really tried to grow my blog as I've mainly seen it as a creative outlet for me and as a memory keeper...but it might be time. 

I wanted to tell you guys, my faithful readers, what's behind these changes around here.  I am not trying to be super popular blog girl so I feel all awesome and stuff...I'm trying to contribute financially to my family by doing something that I really enjoy.  If you ever like something you read or see here, pinning it or Liking it...that would really help me out and I would really appreciate that help.

I also want to try to post more tutorials and things like that here.  I tend to think my ideas are so simple that they don't warrant a tutorial but then I see really popular tutorials on other blogs for things like wiping your butt and folding your towels and I think, "I could have written that!"  hahahhaa.  I'm kidding (kind of) but tutorials are fun and I want to share more of them with you.

For starters, tomorrow or Wednesday I will share more about these little guys I made last week:

 (eeeeeek!  I love them!  :)  )

Thanks for reading all of this and for being here with me!!



  1. I love that you can put a 'pin it' after each blog post! Alas, I can't figure out exactly where to paste the html code to get it right. Please help?


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