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You know how I started my valentines back in January? Um.  yeah.  Still have to finish them.  Like today! 

Patrick noticed all the tidying up and purging I did yesterday and said it "looks really good in here."  That means so much to me, when he notices.  It felt like there were piles of crap everywhere but I didn't bother with it because of Christmas and stuff.  Well, Christmas was a long time ago so I had no excuse anymore.  I love that it's all gone.  My next job will be the basement because it's a mess again.  I have piles of resale clothing and ebay stuff stacked all over and am going to put it all in one section on some shelves that I have.  If I have a dedicated spot in our home for my stuff, I can take a tax deduction for that square footage.  It won't be much but it will all add up.  I can also deduct for part of our internet service, my new phone (that should arrive any day!), all the miles I drive to thrift and a portion of a new camera purchase, whenever I get some more $$ saved up. I'm glad I started this in January because it is so nice to start out organized and keeping track of everything.  I will be so happy when tax time rolls around.

These were the treats I made last night and they are delicious.  They really are like a thicker sugar cookie.  I baked mine the whole 20 minutes and they are very done but thankfully not dry.  I think to get them more like a Lofthouse cookie, you might want to check them at 17 or 18 minutes.  I don't know if a couple minutes matter but I don't want to underbake anything with egg that James will be eating.  He is doing so great with baked egg!  I am so happy!  Every week I've been baking something with one egg in the recipe and he's never had a problem.  I made one larger batch of brownies with 2 eggs and the first time he ate them he said his tongue tingled a tiny but he asked for more and ate them the next day just fine. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend.  I apologize if you already saw them on facebook!  :)

 at the zoo:

 Ruby, designing her 100th day of school shirt:

frosting some brownies he made for our superbowl "party":
and one of Nicky and Ben at the play place on Monday:

Cheers to Wednesday!  xoxo


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