a few more things

We are back and have successfully accomplished Nicky's haircut.  Why do I wait so long?  He looks so flipping cute again.  Not ugly like he did yesterday.  (ha!  kidding!  I re-used that line from a conversation I just had with my seester.  :)  )

I wanted to touch on a few more things from our weekend.  But first, I totally forgot to share something on my thrift share post!  Nearly everything in the photo of stuff for me was found by my awesome thrifting friend, Heidi!  She passed that Lands' End jacket and Janie & Jack fleece my way, too!  What a girl that Heidi is.  :)  When I was thinking about my post I was planning on mentioning that but totally forgot in my haste this morning.  It is so fun to dig with a friend...thanks, Heidi!

Now, about our weekend.  On Saturday morning I went shopping and had some breakfast with Wendy.  Wendy used to stay home but went back to work this year (teaching) and is sooooo busy now.  (how do moms work full time??)  I am so happy whenever we get to hang out because I just miss that girl.  We had a lot of fun and I came home with a new necklace and a yearning for spring.  (cute clothes alert!  they're everywhere!)  Later on, James and I baked a cake for him to decorate for his Boy Scout cake contest the next day.  He read the recipe, measured and stirred it all up by himself and was SO PROUD.  (and it was SO MESSY.)  Later on he had a friend over and I took Ruby to her Girl Scout dance.  The girls just basically ran around in their dresses for 1.5 hours.  Oh, and ate cupcakes and got their faces painted.  Works for me.  (I'm so glad I got her that Lands' End dress earlier this winter because she wears it all the time!)

On Sunday morning I made baked hotdogs for James to take, along with his cake, to the Boy Scout luncheon.  They are so delicious that I'm going to make them again soon for us (meaning me) because I didn't even get a bite!  After I put the base layer of frosting on, James decorated his cake: 

I think it turned out so cute but he was bummed that he didn't win like last year.

After the boys got home we took a family trip to Target for some essentials.

Like tall skinny mochas and hot dogs.  (nothing makes James happier than a Target hot dog!?)  (and yes, that was a lot of hot dogs for one weekend.  :)  )

I guess it doesn't seem like you could fit some boring in there but we did.  I also fit in some laundry, a nap, making a quiche (Patrick loved that last one), and some reading.  Oh, and I can't forget some words with friends.  :)

I love weekends.  And just think, we are only 4 days away from the next one!  :)

xoxo, dear ones.


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