I am so exhausted

I've been up since before dawn creating a Valentine's Day Wonderland® for my children.  I made homemade pop tarts (using whole wheat flour, natch) and homemade strawberry milk.  I also made heart shaped rice krispy bars with organic marshmallows and fresh pomegranate juice to make them pink.

JUST KIDDING!  :)  All of that sounds wonderful but, um, not happening here.  Instead I got some pre-made pie crusts and a can of mixed berry pie filling and made them heart shaped mini pies for breakfast.  I also got some old school Strawberry NesQuik and gave them their first taste of strawberry milk...they loved it!  :)  (that stuff still tastes the same and is dangerously good.)  In an effort to provide something healthy they also had some fresh strawberries.

I had a little table all set up (Patrick was working on the kitchen table last night so I couldn't use that) when they got up this morning and they were thrilled.  Especially James...he really loves when I do this.  He kept shooting me loving glances and offering me bites of his pie.  He also wanted to hold my hand and said, "This is the best day ever!"  :)  The other cute thing was when he said, "These are so good!  Am I right??" (he loved it last year, too.)  (apparently I am a one-trick valentine pony.)

I wish I would have got a better shot of James but I was also trying to just sit with them and then I had to make lunches.

A little while later Nicky got up and while I was upstairs to get him, James set his little place up for him.

He seemed to like everything but mainly looked like he was wondering what the heck was going on.  :)

I drove the kids to school and then came home and quickly shovelled our sidewalk.  When I got in Patrick told me he was going to stay home again as his back was worse today.  :(  (he is going to the doctor at noon and also...he did that thing I needed him to do!!!!!!!)  I like having him here, even upstairs in bed, and brought him up a little breakfast.

(dang, those mini pies were good!)

James is going to have pizza at school for lunch but I sent him a heart shaped rice krispy treat for their party time.  Ruby had strawberries, a heart shaped sunbutter sandwich and a rice krispy treat.  (I used those strawberry marshmallows for the rice krispy treats and they are sickeningly sweet.)  (the marshmallows themselves are actually pretty good, though.)  (if you like artificial strawberry flavoring, which apparently I do.)

For dinner we are having plain oatmeal and salads.  :)

The final valentine-themed tidbit I'll share is James' quick and dirty valentines we printed out last night:

 Get it?  Super Valentine's Day...Super Mario Brothers??!!

(I copied the idea from an image of commercial ones found online.  so sue me!)

He had had all of his valentines done, down in his room, and couldn't find them after school yesterday.  (sigh.)  In a panic, I found this image online, added some text in Picasa and printed them out!  Easy and he loved them.

I will leave you (for now) with something my friend Kathy posted on facebook this morning:

You are loved today, 
whether you have a valentine today or not.

Loved that.  Thanks Kathy.  :)

xoxo, dear ones.  (I love you, too!) 


  1. You're so sweet. =0)

    And your family is blessed to have you. What a fun Valentine's Day morning!

  2. Thanks, Kathy...you are so sweet! I hope you all have a great day. :)

  3. Geez, Stephanie - you had me worried there for a sec - there is NO way I could have pulled off the Valentine's extraveganza that you had in the first paragraph! Well for that matter, I didn't do the second one either - the kids had to eat school breakfast this morning. Hope you are having a good day.

  4. Oh wow! You sure made everyone happy for Valentine's Day. Those little pies were making my mouth water. What a great way to start off the day.

  5. I cuddled up with Ada on the sofa and took Elijah to the coffee shop.... does that count? Oh and my family may have to eat air and water for dinner if I do not think of something fast:)

    I am so glad my kids or husband do not read your blog or I would have to do more:) (so kidding)

    Thanks for sharing, oh and thanks for not doing all those crazy things in the first paragraph!

  6. See? You totally had me fooled too. Thing is, you COULD do all of that for your kiddos. So sweet that you made their day special. Hope yours was too!

  7. Love it all!!! Just look at Nicky with his big boy haircut. Absolutely adorable. That little table is so fun. I'm totally doing that the next time I make a fun meal. Crafty mama again with the insta VD cards.

  8. Thanks, everyone! :) Hope you all had good days, too. xx


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