more thrifty finds (and other stuff about my also-very-important family)

The day got away from me yesterday, somehow.  How are you?

Ruby was home again yesterday and will be today, too.  She has a mild cough but a raging fever that comes and goes.  Her temp was 104.4 yesterday afternoon...she seems to be okay during the day but then the fever flares up again in the afternoon.  I'm curious to see if today will be better.  I sure hope so...we are leaving tomorrow!  Thomas & Erin invited everyone over for pizza tomorrow night (hello, bride and groom hosting a get together the night before their wedding...can you say organized??  :)  ) and I hope we can go but if Ruby's still sick we will stay home and hope she's better for the wedding on Saturday.

Last night after Patrick got home I left to go vacuum and wash the van.  He loves to do this before trips (well, anytime but especially before trips) but would have a hard time with it because of his back so I went and did it to surprise him.  I also might have accidentally driven to the thrift store and found these awesome things:

Some little Skechers that Nicky won't take off this morning:
 A pair of $50 See Kai Run shoes (in EXCELLENT condition) for Nicky next fall, a pair of build a bear skechers for Ruby (well, for one of her bears), a vintage asian swanky swig, some animal craft sticks to bring along this weekend and an Encyclopedia Brown book for James:
I paid $11 for all of it and was very happy, especially with the shoes for Nicky.  It was so nice to just be out after being home for 2 days with the kids.

The glass was also a good find...I haven't found a vintage "painted" glass for my collection for a long time.  They are all packed up now but I will bring them out again this summer...I wrote a little about them here if you want to take a look.  You might notice I have a small swanky swig in this same pattern...I am happy to have a large one!

Last Saturday I took Ruby out for a girls day.  She chose the mall (of course) so off we went for lunch and the play area and some Paciugo (my favorite part!).  I also found a dress that I love (more than my other dress) for the wedding and Ruby got her hair cut.  I was thinking how much I love and need time alone with her...I can totally see how middle children fall through the cracks somewhat.  Now, of course, I've had LOTS of time alone with her and we are all good for a while.  :)  Just kidding.  I think yesterday was my favorite...she wanted to watch "Buddy Elf" (Elf) and take a nap with me.  Loved that.

(Ruby eating her sub...she can pack it away at Subway.)

We had conferences Tuesday night and it was hilarious hearing about what she told her teacher last Mon, Tues, Wed during our stand off with James.  SO funny.  :)  She gave her teacher updates each morning and was like, (in a totally serious voice) "Mrs. Fahey.  You are never going to believe what happened at my house this morning!"  hahahhahahhaah.  So glad her teacher knows me so well.  :)  

(do you ever think about what your kids tell their teachers?  they tell them a LOT, that is for sure.  I am actually glad Ruby trusts her enough to give her the low down.)

On Monday Nicky and I met Susan and her kids at that play place again and again it was lots of fun.  At first, Nicky only had eyes for this semi full of cars...the same kind that James loved when he was little:

(I am almost done with my random catching up...)

A friend emailed me the other day after reading my update on James.  She said a lot of it sounds similar to what they're going through with their own 8 year old and told me to hang in there.  :)  It was very sweet and I really appreciated's always so good to hear you're not alone in these things.  Thank you, friend.  :)

Ruby just got up and is currently putting the new shoes on her bear...very happy little girl.  :)  (she got her other bear a pair on Saturday but didn't have enough to get 2 pairs.) 

I've totally lost my train of thought now.  I have LOTS to do today and better get started.  First on the list?  Fold laundry and watch Survivor.

Oh, I just remembered...some recent notes from Ruby:

On Tuesday she woke me up from a nap to tell me she had written me a note telling me to have a good nap.  :)

 And this one for James, which is a little bit easier to read:

Have a good weekend, dear ones. I will be back next week sometime!



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