she's got ja-ars

she knows how to use them
she's a sta-ar
she knows how to choose them

((I apologize.  I just couldn't get that ZZ Top song, Legs, out of my mind when I was thinking of a title for this post.  If you don't know that song, you should probably go read another blog 
as I must be old enough to be your grandma.  :) ))

Sometime last year I embraced my love of empty jars.  Not just any old empty jar, well, okay maybe any old empty jar, but mainly empty food jars.  I spoke of it first here and then here and if I remember right, I brought some of you over to the clear side with me.  Are any of you all still here?  I certainly am.

I noticed a funny thing a couple of weeks ago.  Every cabinet I opened up seemed to have an empty jar in it...just sitting there and staring at me.  I had lots of them in use but the empties were starting to take over.  First, there was one innocently resting in the canned goods.  It seemed fine so I let it alone.  The next day there were 3 of them there and they had the poor tomatoes cornered.  I knew I had to do something...this was getting serious!

Alright.  I'm going to stop the jar gone wrong story right there.  It gets pretty ugly and I don't want to bring you down this morning.  My main point in bringing this up was to let you know that I still love these jars.

I use them for everything!  I did notice they were starting to pile up though, so I gathered the unused one and stacked them all together in my pantry and now I feel much better about it.  They are like little glass soldiers waiting to be called up for service.  (am I too dramatic about these jars?  maybe a bit.)

I have to say the jelly ones are my favorites but salsas are a close second.   Spaghetti sauce jars are great for freezing leftovers or bringing a drink along in the van or even on a walk.  The mini garlic jars are darling but I can't get the stank out of the lid so I'm going to use it for something else.

 Shown below are my 3 favorite jars that I use for drinking water at home everyday.  I do feel a sense of loss when I think of their lids, which I so carelessly tossed before I understood their value.  sigh.  Live and learn, I guess.

Also, I HATE plastic storage things.  HATE THEM.  My storage drawer for them was always a jumbled up mess and the lids were always missing and I just hated them.  So, I threw almost all of them away after Christmas.  I started using my jars for left over storage, along with this set I got at Target last year, and I am so much happier.  I kept 2 small plastic containers for the kids' lunches but the rest are gone.  That was so freeing.

To wrap it up:  don't throw your jars away!  They are diamonds in the rough!  Their value is yet to be known!  They are like free awesome gifts from the food manufacturing gods!

I need to get a life, no?



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