sleepy yet excited

Greetings from Wisconsin!  It is snowing, Ruby is home with a cold and I am on my second (much needed) cup of coffee.  I just opened up the pots and pans cupboard so Nicky would leave me alone for a few minutes.  Between Ruby and Nicky, I think we were up 6 or 7 times last night??  Nicky isn't sick (yet) so I don't know what the heck his deal was.  It was especially rough since he's been finally sleeping all night again for the last week or two.  Mmmmmm, I love sleeping through the night.  :)  Needless to say, there was no 6am exercising this morning.  I slept in until 7:15 and it felt good.  Guess I'll have to sweat it out after lunch.  (which is hard because that is when my body says, "relaaaaaax, sit dowwwwwwn, relaaaaaaax.")  (today will be day 11 out of 11.)

This weekend is my brother and Erin's wedding and we are all SO EXCITED!  I adore those two and am just so happy for them.  :)

(one of their engagement

Of course my sister and her family will be in town and we will see lots of our other favorite family members at the wedding, too.  Yay! 

I wanted to give you a quick update on James.  The naughty behavior stand-off lasted for two days.  He pretty much spent those two days in his room, when he wasn't at school or joining us for dinner, because he just couldn't control his mouth.  He lost all privileges, including tv, wii, ds and rides to school.  The first night he even had to stay on his bed!  He read for four hours...his first Wimpy Kid book.  :)  (I was proud of him, the naughty little bugger.)  He had to make his own lunch, too.  By Thursday he was ready to try behaving.  I wonder why??  We are now deciding day by day if he gets his privileges the next day based on how he has behaved.  (previously we would take one thing away at a time if he was naughty and Patrick said it should be ALL of it and I agreed to try.  I think it's smart because why should he get any privileges if he's acting icky to us??)   You give me trouble in the morning?  You take the bus.  (I usually give them rides now.)  You complain about your lunch?  You make it yourself tomorrow.  You complain about no clean clothes?  You wear dirty ones until you learn to throw your dirty laundry down the stairs.  You talk back to us?  You get some vinegar on your tongue.  (I had been slacking on this and it showed.  so sassy.)  I feel like we are being harder on him but that's obviously what he it should be.  It's been nice being around him these last few days and that is saying a lot.

I am all writed out now.  (I know that's not a word.)  I hope you have a fine Tuesday.  :)


(Ruby is going crazy trying to clean up after Nicky this morning.  I told her he just moves stuff around all day and it's not worth the effort until after lunch.  She has my organizing gene.  I love it.  :)  )


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