still alive & (mostly) well

I'm back!  Kind of.  You know how it is after you've been gone for a while?  You might very well be back in your normal spot but you still feel kind of "off."  That's where I'm at.  Feeling good, though. 

For now.

I'm still waiting for the stomach flu to strike me as it struck Ruby and Nicky last Sunday.  Thankfully, we made it through the wedding virtually illness-free.  And I am so thankful for that as it was a wonderful wedding.  Thomas and Erin seemed so happy and relaxed and they both seemed like they were having a great time. 

I wish I had better pictures to show you but I only took a few with my phone and I don't have them online yet.  (they all kind of stink, anyways.)  They rented a huge lodge in Northern Wisconsin for their wedding and we had the whole place to ourselves for an entire 24 hours.  It was fully staffed and included things like a pool, outdoor hot tub, firepits, pool & ping pong tables, tunnels, secret rooms and all the coffee you could drink.  (among other things.  ahem.)  They said their vows in a candlelit ceremony in front of a huge sparkly and romantic...I just loved it.  The kids had an amazing time running free with all of their cousins and pretty much did what they wanted.  James and Ruby actually had their own room! 

For me, the the hours flew by.  I adore my family and could just talk and laugh with them for hours, which is pretty much what we did.  :)  Patrick also had a really good time and didn't mind staying in the room with a feverish Nicky on Sunday morning as he was a bit "under the weather" himself, if you know what I mean.  I'm not sure, but staying up until 3:30 am talking and drinking might have had a little something to do with it.  :)

Sadly, Ruby followed Nicky in illness as the day wore on and I woke up Monday morning knowing we had to get out of dodge.  My Dad's immune system is suppressed due to his chemo and it made me so nervous that we would get him sick.  (so far, so good...he's fine)  I hated saying goodbye to everyone, though.  We all had plans to get together Monday night (me, patrick, thomas, erin, seester, ronan & dad) and I was very sad to miss out on that time together.  It was sooooo good to see my pregnant sister, Ronan and little Jacob.  He is so flipping cute and James and Ruby just loved him.

Ruby had a double accident (puke and poop...poor thing) a few minutes after we left my Dad's that morning and it had Patrick and I just holding back the laughter.  We kept joking about what was going to go wrong next but luckily, nothing did.  We made good time getting back and it was soooo good to get home.  I spent the next 36 hours mostly holding a feverish Nicky.  He finally slept well last night and I took him in today and got him some antibiotics for an eye & ear infection.  Poor kid.

Now it is time for a hot cup of coffee and some slippers.  They day started out warm and sunny but now it's raining and chilly again.

Love to you.  Especially my aunties who seem to be my biggest fans.  :)  xoxoox


  1. So glad you had a good time, even with the yuckyness.
    I hope that you keep feeling good and that the Nicky feels better soon. (assuming that Ruby is feeling better already).

  2. I am still a superfan...just harder to comment while holding a nursing baby. Even when you don't hear from me, I'm here. Usually every day. Glad everyone is on the mend. We had a great time at the wedding and wanted to stay another day.


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