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Last Friday night I found some thrift centered blogs via Apron Thrift Girl and had so much fun browsing around.  I loved reading about other thrifty scores and how people are doing reselling on ebay and other places.  It was so inspiring!  My auctions ended at $97.00 for the week so that was fun as well.  My cost for the sold items?  $6.00.  Of course this week you can hear crickets chirping over there but whatever.  :)

I decided to link up with Thrift Share Monday this week and share some of what I found during my latest trip to the Dig.  All of this is for ebay or the consignment shop and I paid approximately $7.50 for it:

Included are:  2 pairs J. Crew shorts, Columbia shorts, Horny Toad capris, North Face pants, Cabela's pants, Nike pants, Max Azria skirt, vintage Jockey shirt, Avenue sweater and skirt, Anthro brand tunic shirt, Gramicci pants, NWT Slimsuit bottoms and some Banana Republic capris.  Everything is in beautiful's amazing what I find!  I got a lot (a lot!) more but I have everything else separated or put away already.

I will be back later or tomorrow with my usual drivel.  Happy Monday, dear ones.



  1. great finds - and what a great haul. i really want to explore reselling on ebay this year. it's one of my goals. and isn't apron thrift girl great?

  2. What a great profit $91. I envy you, I wish I have the time to take pics for ebay.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. Yes, I love apron thrift girl. :) I've been reading her blog for a long time but never clicked around on thrift share monday. what is wrong with me? :) Thank you for visiting here as well, J!

  4. Great hauls...don't you just love thrifting!


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