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Good morning, friends.  I hope you all had very nice weekends.  What did you do?    I had a fun/busy/boring weekend, which are the best kind to me...a bit of everything.  :)

I'm linking up again with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday today. 

My pictures are kind of poopy but I was trying to get them taken before Nicky got up.  Without further ado, here are my finds:

Stuff for the children's sale in April:  (justice, old navy, ed hardy, gymboree and gap)
 for my kids:  James:  Lands End jacket for next year (woot!), Shaun White shirt, Tony Hawk shorts.  Ruby:  cherokee shirt, generic shorts and gap shorts.  Nicky:  halloween janie & jack fleece and osh kosh shorts.
 For me:  navy linen dress, cozy green hoodie with button pockets, silky black and white shirt, lacy tiered tank, nike shirt and lands' end swim top.  (I have plain black bottoms already.)
 Also, more of my favorite vintage playing cards:
 I just love these graphics.  One pack is Whitman and the other is some brand I haven't heard of.  I will probably sell some on etsy and save some for my own creations.

I paid $10 for all of the above and also one pink linen shirt for the consignment store.  Not a great week for finding items to resell but I got a lot of stuff our family will really use and that I really like.

I am especially happy whenever I find a summer shirt that I like and that is different from what I usually wear.  I never wrote about my "shirt collection" last summer but it made me so happy.  :)  It was so fun after I lost some weight to be able to fit into a lot more of what I found while thrifting.  If something only costs a quarter or fifty cents it is easy to bring it home and try something you wouldn't normally pick out. 

((((I can't wait to wear summer clothes again!!!!!))))

I am taking Nicky for a hair cut now (finally.) but can't wait to click around later and see all the other thrifty finds from the weekend.

xoxo, dear ones.


  1. Happy to recognize lots of that from our rummage at the dig together!! :)

  2. I remember playing that version of Crazy 8's with my grandma. The graphics are awesome.

  3. I ALWAYS love vintage cards! So much fun! The ones with the children graphics are really neat!


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