toddler. sigh.

My camera may not even focus anymore.  What a piece of crap it's been.  I hate to buy another camera but I can't see how I can live without one.  For sure I need one with shock protection.  :)

Anyways, toddler time was a hit.  I knew one woman who was there (kids are ages 0-5) and I guess Nicky's babysitter brings kids up sometimes, even though she wasn't there yesterday.  There were a few girls Nicky's age but all he cares about still is just running, running, running.  I enjoyed watching him (my little nicky!) and chatting with some other moms.   I babysit next Wednesday but plan on going every other Wednesday.

The rest of my day was kind of wonderful.  We walked up there and back, had lunch, read books, went down for a nap (nicky), read for a minute, and then decided to take a nap myself.  Oh, it was nice.  my bed is so awesome.  Last night I went to Target for some things we needed and ended up getting one week's worth of groceries.  My bad but I'm so glad I did.  :)

I woke up at 5am and exercised.  6am would have been sufficient but Nicky needed me for a minute at 5 so 5 it was...lucky for him he went back to sleep.  I did a cardio/weight workout and it was hard.  I am pretty much back to beginner level but my muscles will remember soon enough.  Feels good to be back, no matter what.

Patrick is upstairs shaving and Nicky is right there with him.  He loves his dad so much.  It's mutual...Patrick's eyes get so soft and sweet when he talks about him or looks at pictures of him that I took during the day.  I asked him if he did that when he thought/looked at pictures of me?!?!?!?    He said yes.

good answer, even though I don't quite believe him.  :)



  1. that toddler of yours is pretty darn cute.

    I have been enjoying a bunch of emails in our neighborhood list serve of folks looking for a playgroup for their little one "because the kids that used to go to the neighborhood playgroup are all in school now." Those are MY kids. Loved my playgroup connections. Harder to search them out with #3 for some reason, but loved them anyways. Nice you are finding your (new, yet again) group.


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