tuesdays suck! boo tuesdays!

Okay, not all Tuesdays suck but this one did.  It's too bad because I had such an awesome Monday.  Maybe I had it coming??  :)  (I am better now which is why I can joke.)

Yesterday we met Susan and her son for some playtime and it was so very nice.  (And not just because she brought me Reese's hearts, freshly ground coffee beans and tiny peppers!  Oh, and lots of clothes for Nicky!)  (it was like my birthday or something!  :)  thanks, Susan.)  It was great to catch up and drink coffee while our boys played.  Afterwards Nicky took a loooooong nap which is also always appreciated.  I don't remember how I spent the rest of the day.  Oh, wait.  That is a lie.  I played way too much words with friends yesterday.  I kind of OD'd on it.  But now my sister and brother, along with my sister in law and some really good friends are allllll playing and it is fun!  But it was a lot of WWF for me.  I also watched the Bachelor which I always enjoy.

Today kind of sucked from the get go.  I won't elaborate because it's not that important and also, I don't know for sure who reads this blog, you know?  :)  Let's just say I let little things get to me.  And I was tired.  So I spent the late morning filing (finally!), purging art supplies and coloring books and cds and school papers and artwork and magazines and it felt really good.  I also took a nap but didn't feel much better when I woke up.  You know what made me feel better?  My kids came home from school/woke up from nap and they all hugged me and talked to me and we sat on the couch together and I felt better.  (and that made me feel good.)  So the day ended up pretty good.  I just made some yummy sugar cookie bars and swept and mopped the kitchen floor and yes, played a little WWF.  Now I'm going to go read for a while and talk to my husband.  (oh, I forgot to tell you that I was a total bitch to him at one point earlier but later apologized and he forgave me.  and I think he might actually do what I was mad at him for not doing??  we will see...)  (don't tell him that he shouldn't reward that kind of behavior, okay?  :)  )

I hope you all had brilliant Tuesdays.  I have to say, I am really looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. I am with you, yesterday SUCKED. I think that I might hate all Tuesdays (OK some of them must of been ok at some point, but lately they just suck..... too much to do and not enough energy to get through it all)

    Today I am paying for doing to much, but it will get better:)


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