different but good

Last weekend was kind of different.

I ironed, first of all, which is just not like me.  James had a friend sleep over and they found a hidden and forgotten Air Hog remote control car in the garage.  (can you say two happy boys??)  (it was an extra Christmas gift that I forgot to return.  my bad.)  I voluntarily took James, Ruby and a friend each to McDonald's for lunch and play time.  (whaaaa?????)  The kids were outside most of the weekend.  Patrick was out of commission for most of Saturday but better on Sunday.  We took them on our first walk of the warmer season:

And on the way home all 3 of them fell asleep!

The truth is, 4 of us fell asleep almost immediately after leaving the bike path parking lot.  I woke up after about 15 minutes and wondered what that strange sound was.  Was it complete silence?  I turned around and BEHOLD!  The Sleeping Children.

It was almost like a date.

So, a very different weekend but a very nice one. 

Today is gorgeous (like 70s gorgeous) and I had Nicky at the playground all morning.  There was a big mom's group there with all their toddlers and new babies and it made me nostalgic for our big Mother Baby playgroup outings back in the day.  So glad I met those women and went through those hectic early years with them.  Things are still hectic but being a mom to a toddler and a newborn is a different kind of hectic, isn't it?  It's not awful...it's a lot easier than you'd think, but it is definitely a unique experience. 

(I'm not trying to scare you, seester.  You will do wonderfully and I can't wait to help you.  xoxoxo)

Okay.  Enough of that.  I have an empire to run.



  1. I laughed at your sign off. Have you ever watched Kimora Lee Simmons, Life in the Fab Lane? You are the new Kimora Lee of ebay. Go get em!!!!


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