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Yesterday after early release I told the kids we were going to the Children's Museum! Yay! James and Ruby were both pretty excited and Nicky, although he had no idea what I was talking about, was also pretty excited.  (Nicky is always pretty excited to go anywhere.)  (we will pull into the garage and he will say, "More Bye Bye?") 
This airplane thing was new since we were last there.  Nicky LOVED it.  (He is shrieking and squealing right now, looking at this picture.)

The rooftop was awesome as usual with lots of mice and new baby chicks to hold.  James really loved this little mouse.  (Hmmmmm.  The guy said they make great pets...)
Nicky particularly liked washing up after holding the animals.
Outside there were chickens (laying an egg!) to inspect and feed.

And at the end, there was ice cream...for all of them.  The museum has Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and they do make a dairy-free italian ice but sadly, they use the same scoop for all of their ice creams so I didn't think James could have any.  The guy then told me he'd be happy to scrape off  the whole top layer of italian ice, with a clean paddle, and scoop some out for James with a fresh scoop.  I felt safe with that and watched him as he did a very thorough job of scraping off all of the possibly "contaminated" italian ice.  It was tangerine flavored and tasted just like a push up!  James really liked it.  I let Ruby and Nicky have regular chocolate and vanilla scoops and James said he wished he could have whatever flavor he wanted.  I do, too, kid.  I was torn with that but feel like having a cone is part of Ruby's experience, too, and you know what?  She doesn't have food allergies.  This is the first time we've ever all done this together and I wanted her to get what she wanted.  sigh.  It's so hard to navigate that road sometimes but I think it worked out fine.  They all ate every last bite!  :)
(Now Nicky is smacking his lips, looking at the ice cream photos.)

We just had such a good time.  The museum wasn't crowded at all and the kids got to play wherever they wanted for however long without me worrying about losing one of them.  Always a plus in my book.

Now I am out of fun pictures and Nicky is out of patience with me.



  1. I used to keep mice in my classroom. I would never do it at home. A few things - they get tumors, everywhere, easily. They lose body parts, everywhere, easily (like getting a foot chopped off on a wheelie thing!). They bite. And it hurts. I hated those blasted things. And they were constantly freaking out the kids with their bleeding/illness/body part loss/biting/other drama.

    The end.

  2. I so know what you mean about the food allergy thing with the "other" kids. I hate that! I wish I had some great answer that would solve all our troubles like that, but sadly I do not.


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