I've always wanted some of these vintage plastic deer and, what do you know, I had some. I found them in a bag full of old cake decorations I had saved to sell someday. I guess that "someday" is now. :) There are very few things I held onto but I guess they made the cut because I had made some nice bank on cake decorations all those years ago. I don't think the ones I have will bring much but there are a few cuties in the bunch. They'll be in my etsy shop soon! (but not the deer!) 
How are you?  I am good.  Sorry for the silence yesterday but I was at work.
:)  (aka the thrift store)

Today I am home listing things (or about to) but thought I'd say hello first.

These little paper horses are part of a vintage cake decorating set I found.  Mine is incomplete but I fell in love with these.  Each one is about 2" tall.  Such pretty colors.

I don't have much else to say right now... my mind is elsewhere.

I wish you all happy weekends!  xoxoxo


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