is it cold in here?

It's going to be amazingly warm out today and I cannot wait.  I plan on taking Nicky for a long walk, to a playground and yes, to some thrift store or another.  :)

I can't help it.  I'm kind of buzzing on this ebay stuff.  Since Sunday night I've sold $4.25 worth of stock for $78 using Buy It Now or Best Offer and have 3 bids on other items.  (including those clogs.  yay!)  It's just so fun.  Hopefully these sales will tide me over when I have another $12 week.  :)

Also inspring me is Annie.  No, I don't mean my sister Annie (commonly referred to as Seester or Andrea now that we are no longer 10 and 5) but I guess actually I do...remember I told you she reminded me/encouraged me to sell on ebay again?  Well, I've decided to honor her in a very special way.

Meet Annie the Manny! 

Here she is almost as soon as she it just her or is it cold in here?!

OF COURSE they'd give her huge, hard nipples.  Of course they would.  sigh.  Luckily I randomly picked up this little Gap Body bra thing last week.  It fits her perfectly and helps a little.

 Also luckily, she looks much better dressed.  Dare I say cute, even?  (Perhaps too cute?  I told Patrick to leave her alone and already caught James looking at her ta-tas.)
I can hang her or stand her on a stool or something and I think we are going to be the best of friends.  I can tell she is really excited about helping me out!

get it?  excited?!


Also, my seester (real Annie) happens to have a man mannequin in her attic that her husband dragged home at some point.  (hi ronan!)  They are bringing him to me in a couple weeks and I will call him DANNY.  Awwwww.  Annie & Danny.  TLF.

So that's my morning so far, love matching mannequins and covering up nipples.

It's hard to be a work at home mom.

hahahhahahahhaha  :)  (why are nipples and balls always funny?)


(p.s.  seester, if you are pissed I will rename her.  patrick suggested perky.)


  1. Perhaps "Annie" needs some of those bandages they sell around the bra aisle at walkmart to cover her afflictions. LOL

  2. I am honored. What does her bum look like? just wondering. seester

  3. Awesome! I just love her blue top and necklace combo, cute! ;)

  4. Do you have plans to pimp Annie out? Cause I could always use her photo assistance too.

  5. love Annie. I have a vintage one I named Mandy. She has some weight issues though. (I can not get her into a size 10 skirt) I blogged about it yesterday in my treasures in thriftingland blog

    (haha my word verification says shanal)

  6. Reminds me of a joke...
    This guy (Tom) walks into a bar and sits down next to a nice looking woman at the bar and introduces himself. The woman says her name is Carmen. Tom says that's a pretty name, did your mother give that to you? Carmen says no, whe she grew up she wanted to change her name so she decided to name herself after the two things she love best in life, Cars and Men, hence "Carmen".
    Tom likes this idea and ponders it a while and then announces that he's changing his name and will name himself after the two things he likes best in life, "Beertits"


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