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Just a few quick updates this morning as I have all of my (seemingly) 100 children home.  (Ruby's eyes look a little suspect this morning so I am keeping her home and starting her on James' drops just in case.)  (Oh, I forgot to tell you.  James got pink eye just in time for our doctor visit yesterday.  He has a double ear infection, too, and is on the same medicine as Nicky.  Matchers!)

I failed to meet my 21 day exercise challenge.  The last day I exercised was the day before we left for Duluth.  I think I got to 11 or 12 days in a row??  Oh well.  It was just too chaotic while we were gone and since we've been home it's been so. much. sick.  I am feeling better today but am still way too snotty.  Last year I was Marching through March, remember?
That's when it all started and it was so fun!  This year I'm Blowing My Nose through March and it's not as great.  :)  I think I can breathe enough to exercise again now, though.  I'm not ready to say I'm going 21 days in a row again (or trying to) but I might be ready to say that soon-ish.

It seemed like there was something else but maybe not.

It did just hit me yesterday that Spring starts this month.  Boy, was that a wonderful realization and relief.  I think we're going to make it!  At least we weren't sick all winter but this is sure going out with a bang.  :)

I have to go now.  I need to make coffee and make Ruby a sunbutter sandwich, folded.



  1. Oh my word girl!! Poor sick family over yonder. I have one with a raging ear infection as well. I was told it was from all the swimming she does. Whatevs... the kids get them and it sucks.
    I am heading off to renew my gym membership RIGHT now. So when you aren't so snotty and feeling up for it - I'll start a challenge with you :)
    Hug to you .... oh wait, let me put a mask and gloves on first. HAHAHAHAHA jk ;)

  2. :) I'll take that hug. Thanks, Susan.

  3. Man I hope that everyone is feeling better very soon.

  4. I do remember you marching thru march last year. So inspirational! I'm finding a hard time getting motivated to exercise in 2012. Maybe you can inspire me? How's that for some pressure?

    Hope all y'all are feeling better soon. Ear infection AND pink eye? All you need is lice to hit the trifecta!


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