one of those long super rambly posts

So last week, I think it was Thursday, I was trying to decide to stay home or go out or something like that?  Of course I went out.  Of course I did.

It turned out to be the best, most super productive day.  First Nicky and I tried a new (to him) park.  Like nearly every other child I've seen, he favored the "bus."

 After a (long) while he decided to try the merry go round and enjoyed that as well.
 He even got a little cocky.
After all of this fun we went over to Whole Foods for lunch.  They always have their mac & cheese (delicious) and some sort of hot beany dish and some good chicken.  I like how it all kind of goes together, no matter what it is, and their fresh veggies are terrific, too.  Anyways, we ate our fill and Nicky played in their little play area for a while.  Then I got all of my flyers posted (I had done a few in town before we left), all of them, in good spots, and felt so happy.  Then we stopped at Goodwill on the way home and that's where I found my Fossil purse!  Oh, and I randomly went into some little dry cleaners and the lady gave me a metric ton (okay, not really) of wire hangers that I need for the kids resale.  Such a good day.

Friday was a solo day where I stopped at my first yard sale of the year (blech) and hit a few thrift stores.  I was moving kind of slow and just enjoyed the day...even stopped for lunch at Panera.  After that I met Heidi at the dig and we found a lot of good stuff and then I headed home to work for an hour before picking up Nicky.

He was chewing gum when I got there.  What????  Yes, he had a tiny wad of gum in his mouth and has never been prouder.  (again with the cocky.)  He was still chewing it when the big kids got home and James thought it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen.  He said, "I have to call Mrs. Berg (his teacher) and tell her!"  It was cute.  He chewed that dang gum for over an hour and then I don't know where it went.  Probably to his belly.  (it was tiny.)

On Saturday we cleaned the house all day in preparation for my sister's arrival.  Her, her husband and Jacob drove a UHaul across the country (from MA to MN) filled with stuff to store at my Dad's until they move here all the way next fall!!!  It was so exciting...the first step!  Our house was a natural stopping point so they spent one quick night with us before heading up to Duluth the next day.  But not before a stop at the Dig!  :)  I love it because Ronan is such a digger.  I think Patrick would rather get run over by a truck than dig through a huge cardboard box for clothes but Ronan gets into it (literally) so it's fun.  Of course Andrea loves it and Ruby and Jacob had fun, too.  Then we kissed them goodbye in the parking lot and that was the end of Sunday fun for me.  Patrick was mad at me, still is, so that has been a bummer.  I can't say much else because what made him mad was my BIG MOUTH.  sigh.  I'm so sorry, bunny.  Can't he see that??  sigh.

Yesterday was a good day, albeit windy as heck, but it was warm and we spent a lot of it outside.  At some point I managed to pull a muscle in my upper thigh and it hurts SO bad.  Patrick just brought me his 800mg. Ibuprofen (he is warming up a little, I guess) but I need to eat something before I take them.  I hope they help.  The kids have early release today and I want to do something fun with them but am totally limping around right now.  It's especially frustrating because I am just getting my exercise groove on and now this.  I kept waking up last night because it hurt so bad but I didn't mind because I was having weird dreams about wrapping stuff in bubble wrap.  :)  haha.  You know you're an ebay-er when...

Well, this has been a LOT of going on, hasn't it?  I want to thank you guys for reaching out to me after I told you I was wondering what you all thought about my big emotional post last week.  :)  And I know Google is such a pain sometimes so today I turned off word verification again and we'll see if that helps.  I want to get those threaded comments going, where I can reply right in the comment, but I just need some time to follow one of the (seemingly) complicated tutorials out there.  Anyways, all of your words made me see or notice something I hadn't before and I really appreciate that.  You know, I told you the name of that hymn but never really put it together that the title was blessed assurance, which is just what He gave me.  Sarah pointed that out.  xoxo  Pretty cool.

xoxo, dear ones.


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