I had another good week on ebay and etsy.  Etsy was the big surprise, pulling in $50.00!  (usually I'd make that much in a month or two.)  I signed up for Etsy ads for $5.00 for the week and I'd say that it paid off.  I'm going to continue with them this week and see what happens.  My mom said she'd be interested in seeing what I paid vs. what it sold for so here are some high (and low) lights.  Remember that ebay & paypal take about 11.2% (combined) of the final value fee & shipping costs so while I might have sold an item for 19.00, I will only make 16.00 or so if the shipping costs were 6.00.  (Etsy is much cheaper with only a .20 listing fee and NO final value fees so it's a great little money maker.)


Denby Mug: paid: 0.00 (gift over 15 yrs ago) sold: 20.00
Little Kiddle Locket  paid:  .25  sold:  20.51
Denby mug:  paid:  0.00  sold:  12.00
Keen Shoes  paid:  bought years ago  sold:  19.99
Lamp base:  paid:  1.00  sold:  14.99
womens Tevas:  paid:  bought years ago  sold:  14.99
mushroom s&p shakers (etsy)  paid:  .90  sold: 7.99
little creamer with crack:  paid:  1.20  sold:  8.00 (just glad to be rid of it)
vintage mushroom mug  (etsy) :  paid:  .25  sold:  8.00
vintage journal cover  (etsy):  paid:  .10  sold:  10.00
vintage math curtain panel  (etsy)  paid:  .25  sold:  12.99
10 vintage bottle cap magnets (etsy)  paid:  1.00 for magnets  sold:  14.00
My Mom's 3 books sold for $40.00 total!


SAS Shoes:  paid:  3.99  sold:  9.99 
Fossil purse:  paid 7.00 (a while ago for myself but decided I didn't like)  sold:  8.99  (glad to be rid of it)
Biggest loser:  BCBG Max Azria Skirt:  paid:  .50  sold:  9.99 BUT with free shipping and the buyer lives in Hawaii!  dumb, dumb, dumb.  :)  Will probably make my .50 back and that's about it.
Total:  paid:  $32.55  (including what I paid for those 2 pairs of shoes when I bought them years ago)  sold:  $191.00 

There were also other sales that I didn't include here.  I didn't figure out my final weekly total yet but I think it's around $180 profit again....that's after my costs, ebay costs and Nicky child care costs.  :)  Not a bad week for doing what I love!

Did this bore the poop out of you??  Sorry.  :)



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