I thought I'd show you a few of my sales from last week. It ended up being a decent ebay week again but not a single etsy sale! Oh well. :) I was happy with the sales I got and it was fun to see a few things move out of my new ebay store: sugar river resale.

The bummer of the week goes to these clogs.  I was so happy they sold for $33 but then the winning bidder emailed me a sob story and I cancelled the auction to be nice.  The second chance offer (to the next highest bidder) didn't go through so they are listed again.  sigh. 
Izod shirt:  pd .50  sold 19.99
Lands End shirt:  pd .50  sold 9.99  (should have put this one in my store and sold it for twice as much!  live and learn.)
Mens Nike shorts:  pd  2.00  sold 15.83  eh.  (sorry about the bum shot)  :)
womens cycling jersey:  pd .25  sold 39.99 almost right away!  nice.
Lands End shirt:  pd  .50  sold  15.00
This morning I listed these Merrell sandals and they sold within a couple of hours.  pd  4.00  sold 24.99
My auctions this week are doing pretty well and I've gotten 3 offers on Ruby's Keens that I listed this morning.  (the purple ones)  They were pretty low offers so I didn't take them being as I just put them on.  I will let them sit for a while and see what happens.  Having a store is kinda fun.

I love these posts on other blogs...hope you enjoyed mine.



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