Well, last week was my best week yet as far as ebay sales go. I had 3 etsy sales, too!  I cleared more than double what I have the past few weeks.  It was so strange!  :)  A good strange, though, and a real blessing.  Here are some highlights/lowlights (no real thankful for all of it!):

Cake decorations (etsy) :  paid  .20  sold:  10.00
"vintage" Polo Sport Toiletries bag:  paid 2.00, sold 33.00
Tommy Bahama flip flops:  I was bummed I bought these until I saw they were over $60 on the website.  I paid 2.50, sold: 26.00
Remember these ugly crocs?  I paid 1.00 or 2.00, sold $31.58.  I guess they glow in the dark!  Never would have known that if I didn't do a little research before listing...that really pays!
Vintage Marushka canvas art:  My maiden name is Maruska so I always notice these.  They don't all sell but this one isn't seen too often.  paid 3.20, sold 18.50
My "CSA" lot sold for 6.99.  I paid 3.00 for a bunch of this food and made my money back and a little profit on these 2 lots.  Still have one more to go!
sold:  12.50  (??really??)  :)
I regretted buying this cake pan for $2.10 when I saw it didn't sell that well.  Happy to get $10.50 for it.  (I can't always look things up when Nicky is with me...he gets too crabby too quick.  Sometimes I take risks.  ;)  )
Polo hat, again with the "vintage" - paid 2.00, sold 20.39
Womens Plus Size Swim top:  paid 4.00 because it was so nice and I wanted someone to have it.  sold:  20.00 to someone in Madison!  (who still hasn't paid yet.)  :)
Ruby's old Keens:  accepted a 20.00 offer.

I also happily sold those gold clogs for $30.00 and a bunch of  other stuff, too.  A fantastic week!  And lots of work today as a lot of my items were from auctions that ended last night.  Thank God Patrick brought home lots of boxes for me as my Priority boxes haven't arrived yet.  I had also ordered bubble wrap last week and it was so nice to have it this morning.  (I love those little white boxes and hope he brings me a lot more of them.  :)  )

Nicky was such a good helper this morning.  (I didn't give him anything breakable to stack.)
Whew! I'm thoroughly enjoying the quiet house this afternoon. I think I'll go write up a Thrift Share post now. :) xoxo


  1. I am having so much fun reading all of these thrifting posts. I am amazed at what you find and what people pay for this stuff. Who knew? You go girl! BTW- just realized you probably didn't get my comment on that parenting post you wrote awhile back. Thanks for sharing so honestly, I feel the same way some days and feel so guilty. It's reassuring to know that others feel the same some days!


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