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I cleared it earlier in the week with Patrick that I could have Saturday for thrifting. I'm not going to's been a long 2 weeks with sick kids home every day and a 700+ mile trip in the middle of it all. I needed a break and some inventory! He was fine with it so I headed off Saturday morning at 10am to try and get in as many stops as I could. I found lots of stuff and had such a nice day. I got home around 6:45 with Noodles for all and everyone was happy. :)

I'm not sure where this will end up yet, or if I might even keep it!  Love this vintage fabric, though.  It's a pillow cover with a zipper.
vintage village mug on etsy now:
vintage chicken mug on etsy:  (I found 3 of these so one is going to a good friend who also happens to be a chicken girl.)
cool vintage tray for etsy:
mini mushrooms, etsy:
I read somewhere that these SAS shoes sell really well.  We shall see!  :)  On ebay:
vintage keds!  for ebay:
vintage hallmark placemats, for me:  (this was my favorite song as a kid and these totally remind me of Christmas in the 70s)
I could not resist this vintage stoneware candle holder.  for etsy:
vintage doll quilt, anyone?  on ebay:
more tiny and darling swanky swigs!  I will sell them on ebay as they're not ones I collect:  (not listed yet, though)
cool vintage turtle mug/soup bowl.  I've heard there are crazy turtle people out there.  :)  (not listed yet)

I also got myself a bunch of clothes and a cute summer bag and lots of other clothes for ebay and the children's sale.  Too lazy to take pics this morning...need coffee.  It was a tiring but really fun and productive day. 

I decided I'd share my ebay link here in case anyone is curious.  I consider myself a beginner again but am doing lots of research and thinking about how I can improve my listing and fees and all of that.  It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it.  I made $200 the week before last between etsy and ebay...not bad!!  I ordered a mannequin, too!  Yay!  :)  She should be here this week and I read that it really helps clothes sell well.  I'll keep you posted.  I started my auctions last night and sold one item (pair of shoes) last night with a Buy It Now and have 2 bids on other items, one of them (the little green creamer) that I realized had a hairline crack so I am super happy about that!  (of course I listed that info in the auction.  almost didn't list it.)  Some of my buy it now prices seem high but I read you should just go for it with the buy it now.  :)  You never know!  (My mom might notice that I listed her books for her!)  (And that those Denby mugs we got years ago can sell really well.)  (shhhhhh.)  :) 

I'm going to link up with my favorite Thrift Share Monday today.  It's not up yet but later on you can go see all the weekend's so fun!


(off to take James to the doctor for his cough.  hope he is feeling better soon.  :(  )


  1. I love the bright fun patterns on the pillowcase and the crazy tray! And that little kingly candle holder is just adorable.

  2. love the yellow tray! and the swig glasses. the deer one is delightful.

  3. LOVE that candle holder. the village mug is cool too - looks like you found some cool stuff! my goal is to start reselling this year, so i'm learning from folks like you!

  4. The tray is so cool and the glasses are adorable!


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