thrift share monday

I found some goooooood stuff last week, friends.

 First, this heavy queen size quilt that I love. Do you know this kind? They feel heavy and :) Yeah, not so good at describing things this morning. Anyways, it's a good one that my family will fight over and it cost me $6.00.
My favorite find:  My first pair of Danskos!  I've tried them on before (the clogs) and never liked how they fit me (too narrow?) but these adjustable Sissy sandals are sooooo comfy and the price was right at 3.99.  (here are some new ones.)
Some Keens for Ruby or resale.  The color is much cuter than in this picture.  $3.00
A juice glass for us, a swanky swig vase (??anyone know about these??) and a Holly Hobbie mug (for resale):
Vera silk scarf that has a tiny hole in the corner..but I'll probably still put it in my etsy shop:
Cute vintage nursery lamp for etsy:  (I still have the switchplate from this line that was in my room as a baby.  awwwww.)
Lots of shoes!  All of these together cost me only $5.00!  The ugly crocs I will resell, Tevas for Ruby, Nikes for Nicky and See Kai Run mary janes for resale:
Love this purse for me!  And one of my favorite thrift store employees gave it to me freeeee:
This might be my find of the week for resale:  vintage Vegimals pea pod toy.

Mine is missing a pea (and one pea is missing an eye) but these are SUPER rare and collectible.  We shall see!
Bummed I bought these clogs.  They are a good brand but I probably won't make much on them.  I paid $5.00 and they are on Ebay here.
This small-ish vintage curtain panel sold from my etsy shop in about 5 minutes:
Cute vintage mug for my etsy shop:

My current ebay items here, current etsy items here (lots of new things!) and if you're interested HERE is a post I did this morning about last weeks' sales on ebay and etsy.

I'm linking up again today with my favorite Thrift Share Monday!

Thanks for looking and have a great week!



  1. The pea pod makes me think of Toy Story 3.Great finds!

  2. Love the pea pod especially the one eyed one- so cute. I had a pair of those danskos that I wore til they broke and I did not pay 3.99 for them-lucky you!

  3. The peas! Now I am thinking of making sammi some peas. mmmmm peas. yummy.

  4. Peas for the win! :) they are pretty darn cute. Thanks for stopping by everyone!!

  5. That's a really pretty Vera!!!


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