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First off, I'd like to welcome any new subscribers!  Hello!  Thank you so much for joining me really means a lot to me.  I have absolutely loved finding so many great thrifty blogs lately and am so happy to be making some new friends.  :)

Before my thrift scores, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have had this lamp for over 10 years and have never rewired it and used it. It is a wall mountable lamp and the shade is glass. Can anyone tell me what the flowers in the vase are? I have it out now and am trying to determine if I will FINALLY rewire it or if it goes to ebay. Identifying the flowers will help a lot if it goes to ebay. Thank you!! :)
I was thrilled to find this vintage inflatable bunny at the thrift store for .60!  My Grandma always had these out when I was a kid so it brought back some fond memories.  They aren't really my taste anymore, though, so it's listed in my store.  (with a bid!)
I kind of fell in love with these fish wall hangings.  They were made in Minnesota and I know someone who will be happy to take them off of my hands if they don't sell.  Paid $3.50 for both.
I love these Crocs but they are a size 10 and I am a 9.  sigh.  So cute, though!  (on ebay)
I am not really a label whore but there is something about Fossil bags.  I just LOVE them.  I bought 2 of them in haste one day last year at the thrift (those 2 that I just sold on ebay) because I was so happy to find them, only to realize later that I didn't love either one.  Fast forward to Christmas this year when I finally took the plunge and bought a new one, this one, for myself.  I LOVE it and plan on using it for a long time (in the cooler months) so there are no regrets.  I guess one really does feel like a fall & winter bag to me.  Happily I found my summer Fossil bag one day last week!  I paid 5.99 at the thrift and truly love it.  It's a canvas cross body and will be perfect for this summer.  Yay!  :)  (sorry my pics are so cruddy...very gloomy today.)
This Columbia jacket had a couple stains but for $1.40 I brought it home to try and get them out.  Out they came and I have a new jacket for next fall.  It is a very pretty pale green color.
New flip flops for me.  $3.00
Land of Nod duvet for Ruby or resale:  1.50
Oh!  And I never showed you my aqua ironing board I got a few weeks back.  The top is the best color.  I realize you don't really see it with that cover on there but it makes me happy just knowing it's there.  :)  $3.00
A lovely stack of vintage tablecloths:  3.00  They all have a few stains so I will probably list them as a cutter lot on ebay next week.
This one was cute, too.  Someone might love this with that basket of knitting.  :)  1.00
And a vintage flat Disney sheet.  There is a stain up above but the graphics are perfect.  Loved this. .75

Wow!  Lots of good stuff!  I thrifted my heart out last week and also got tons of clothes for ebay and the kids resale.

Where would I be without thrift stores???

I hate to think of it.  :)

I'm going to link up with the outstanding Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday now.  Go see all the goodies and tell someone hello!

Oh, if you want to hear about my awesome ebay week last week, click here!  It was so fun!

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  1. Shut.the.front.door. That is *the* doily duvet cover. I hate you now. :-P~~~

  2. yowza that sunny bunny is corny...awesome but corny. love it. and love the cutter cloths. would be so pretty as a purse or something.

  3. Good stuff! I love those tablecloths and that darling duvet cover! could the flowers on the lamp be cherry blossoms? Just a guess!

  4. I thought the flowers looked like cherry blossoms too I love your shoes peeking out from the bottom of the pic in your last picture

  5. just saw you live in WI I live in Wausau :-)

  6. I was going to guess Cherry Blossoms, or crab apple flowers . . .something from a tree! You are rocking the thrifting . . I'm jealous!

  7. I think you guys are right...cherry blossoms or something like that. Going to google images a little and confirm it. Thank you so much! Oh heidi, you know you are the thrifting QUEEN! :)

  8. They may be dogwood!


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