My sister laughed so hard at me when I told her I had done 49 listings last week.  Yes, I stopped one short of my goal but really could just not go on.  :)  I felt good about getting that many done and am going to shoot for that again this week.  (49)  haha.  (I got 8 done last night and one sold within minutes!  love that even though it means my price was probably too right.)  I was telling her on Wednesday that it had been kind of a slow week...I was at about $130 in sales and was resigned to accepting that and then boom!  The weekend was super busy and I ended up at just over $400 for the week.  Yay!  :)

My pictures are mainly on the lap top so I'll just link to some of my sales from the last couple weekend and you can click if you want to, okay?  :)

I bought this Liberty of London Target tote for $3 and sold for $24.99
I bought these Merrell Sandals (size 5) for $7 and sold for $24.99  (was regretting buying these as the size is not really in demand so was happy to get rid of them)
Silver jeans  paid $4, sold $41
Chaps Plus Size Shirt paid $.50, sold $34.99
SAS Sandals  paid $3.99, sold $40.00
Johnny Was jacket paid $1, sold $54.99
Patagonia shorts (yikes!) paid .25, sold $15.00
Exofficio shirt paid .50, sold $24.99
2 slightly worn swimsuits paid 1.00, sold 25.00

Let's be honest.  That Johnny Was jacket is pretty ugly.  I could tell it was well made, though, so I did a quick ebay search on my phone and saw that it would probably sell.  Johnny Was items are very collectible but this jacket is probably older and not one of his really cool, current ones.  Went to Scotland, I think, and she was pretty excited about it!  She said, "Let's get more JWLA in the UK!"  haha.  (JWLA=Johnny Was L.A.)

So, how was your weekend?  Ours was good if a bit different.  (whenever we do something we haven't done before Patrick will say to me, "Well, that was different."  haha.  He said that a few times this weekend.)

Friday I shopped all day and found some awesome things.  (3 shirts for me, 2 pristine vintage hawaiian shirts, large donut baking pan for us, little tikes car for nicky for $3 (he LOVES it), lots of vintage owl crap, tons of clothes, vintage wooden hangers, a couple pairs of nice mens shoes...lots of good stuff.)  Friday evening we had family Survivor time with popcorn.  Saturday morning Wendy asked me to go garage sale-ing with her for a while in a nearby town.  It was freezing but we had a lot of fun and stopped at a bakery for delicious coffee and pastries.  When I got home we had lunch and Patrick took all 3 kids to the gym with him (he joined a gym last week) and I got to stay home all by myself.  So nice.  I took photos of the stuff I bought and got everything put away.  I also spent some time ironing and watching "Don't be Tardy for the Wedding."  HAHAHA.  They were gone for a long time and he told me later that he did that on purpose so I'd have some extra time to myself.  Thanks, bunny.  Yesterday we went back to the gym for Family Time and Nicky had a strong reaction to the pool area.  It must have been all the chlorine but he started coughing like crazy, wheezing a little and got a few red patches on his arms almost right away.  I brought him out and took him in the shower and got him dressed and he was back to normal.  strange.  I was worrying about our local pool this summer but it is 1) outdoors so not as overwhelming with fumes and 2) they use bromine, not chlorine.  Anyways, the big kids loved it and we had Noodles afterwards.

I did a ballet workout last night that was SO hard.  Strangely enough, it's my arms that hurt today...just from holding them out in front of me the whole dang time.  ouch.  I lost 2 lbs last week so that feels good.  It's funny how just exercising regularly again these last couple weeks already has me feeling better about my body.  I feel like regardless of the (lazy ass) breaks I take from it, I have learned that moving my body makes me feel good and I hope I always get back to it.

Ruby's birthday is in two weeks and she hadn't mentioned a party or anything so I wasn't sure what we were going to do.  Yesterday I asked her if she'd like to go to Milwaukee and stay overnight in a hotel for her birthday and she said yes!  Yay!  So, in a few weeks we're going to Milwaukee.  We're planning on the Discovery World museum again, maybe the Children's Museum if it's raining, maybe the Milwaukee Zoo if it's nice, and I'll definitely be ordering vegan cupcakes from Honeypie for our celebration.  I am also hoping it's nice out because I just want to spend some time walking by the lake front.  I thought it was so beautiful when we were there last summer.  Oh yeah...she told me she wants a canoe for her birthday.  Okay...

I think I've gone on enough for one day.  I hope you are all well!  Thanks for stopping by.  xoxox


  1. Also the Milwaukee Museum is Great. We have a membership and love it (and I think if you have a Children's Museum membership (from here) that you get in free. (cause we get in free to the CM here with our membership from there) (did that make sense?

    sorry to forget you today the drugs for my back are making me so loopy that I can hardly stay awake at times and am wobbly minded the rest of the time.

  2. love those flatsy dolls(is that right I can't remember and I just looked at them) on your ebay selling page I have never seen those before

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