I'm going to stop

I'm going to stop coming back from every little break here and saying, "I'm sorry!  I was so busy!" because you know what?  I'm pretty busy all of the time now.  :)  And I like it that way, it feels good. 

Of course things in my life are shifting around with this new part time job/love affair of mine.  I added something big to my life and something has to give somewhere, right?  So far it appears that exercise, tv watching, voracious book reading and blogging are taking the biggest hits.  I haven't logged into pinterest in weeks but did sign up for Instagram.  (finally on android!!  I am stephaniekgb if you're interested.)  I miss exercise (and my smaller bum) the most so that is back on the schedule as of this week.  My mom walked 3 miles yesterday and I was so inspired that I got up and walked 2!  Thanks Mom and Good Job!!

I still squeeze in some reading most nights but not like I used to...I am so tired at night now!  I did read a really good book last week, "How to Bake a Perfect Life."  It had some romance, some magic, some flowers and lots of baking...all good stuff and it made me happy.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sluggish and I promised myself that I would just veg out during nap time.  I laid on the couch and watched 2 episodes of Survivor.  Nicky got up from his nap and I got up with him.  We went outside, I made dinner, the kids came home.  At 5:30 I sensed I needed more TV so I sat back down and James and I proceeded to watch 2 hours of Storage Wars.  (I love Dave Hester.)  After the kids went to bed I watched last night's episode of Survivor with Patrick.  whew!  I am good for a while now.  I do love having a DVR.  Sometimes there is nothing like a good TV session.

I've kept up with my house, kids and husband.  I am behind on my emails.  (sorry, friends!)  Our computer crashed so I am temporarily set up in our bedroom with the laptop.  Patrick is ordering a new hard drive tonight as this is not ideal.  :)  My postage scale is on one dresser and our printer on the other.  ha!

I did squeeze in a little work yesterday as ebay has been too hot this week to ignore.  Here's a quick look at some of my surprisingly awesome sales from the last week and a half:

Crocs Wedges:  paid 3.99  sold 45.00
 Clarks Sandals:  paid 2.00 sold 34.99
 Polo cap:  paid 2.10  sold 24.99
 Mion shoes:  paid 5.75  sold:  58.00
 Fisher Price Construx:  paid 4.99  sold 39.99
 SAS shoes:  paid 1.50  sold 45.00
 Camper Shoes: paid 12.80  sold: 55.99
 SAS shoes:  paid 3.00 sold 45.00

Holy Crap, right???  And I thought this would be a slow week because I have no auctions up. 

One of my favorite blogs to read is My Secret Ebay Diary.  She has talked about "quick nickels" - items you sell for less than you probably could, just to get them out the door - and "slow dimes" - items you price high and wait...you might wait a long while but you will probably get that high priced sale eventually.  I am finding I am much more a QUICK NICKEL kind of girl.  But when a nickel equals a 94% profit margin?  I'm pretty happy.  :)

Right now I need to take some time and get some business side stuff in order.  I know I want to get a business checking and savings accounts first.  Maybe tomorrow.  I had one when I did this years ago and it was so much easier to keep track of all the costs and profits.  I have a special savings goal now and I want a shiny new account to put that money into!  

I also want to order business cards to include in every package and I need to find some bulk tissue paper.  I also want to get my store reallllly stocked up so maybe it can ride me through some of the summer with just a bit of day to day managing and shipping.  I know I will have a LOT less time to work this summer and I want a couple of plans in place so it isn't a huge shock to me.  My only real goal for the summer is to keep socking away my minimum savings amount every week after my fees and other obligations.

So, this was a mighty brain dump of where I am right now.  Some of you have said you find all of this interesting and I thank you for that.  I hope I'm not boring the rest of you to tears.  :)  I have lots of cute kid pictures that I will hopefully get loaded soon.

Right after I post a couple of more items in my store.  :)



  1. How do you know what to buy? I'm kind of interested in doing some of this on a small scale (See - what you are writing IS interesting!!) but I'm intimidated that I'd get stuck with crap. How do you do it? And how long do you spend at the store? And are there certain things you always look for? You seem to be interested in shoes especially.

    I love all your family stuff, too. Or I just love you. Or both.

  2. I'm sending your blog to the IRS hehehe


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