nicky patrick

Today my little Nicky Patrick is two.  TWO.  Oh my.  I just adore him and am thinking back on the last two years with so much joy and thankfulness.

At 2, Nicky is perfectly adorable.  He loves to pretend he is a baby tiger.  He crouches under his blue table and growls at me.  He pounces and mauls us with his tiny paws.  He had added ME to his vocabulary and uses it all day long...more me, bye bye me, out me, etc.  He says OW for no but is also repeating my NO NO NO now.  He says it to his cars and trucks while he's playing.  :)  He loves Little Einsteins the most of all shows and I've been fortunate enough to find him two Pat Pat rockets while thrifting.  (he is getting one with 2 guys in it today.)  He loves to pretending he's peeing when his diaper is off (makes a little noise...tssssssss) and always tells me when he pooped.  He does not like shopping (dang.) and LOVES being outside.  He's a good eater and LOVES eggs.  (ME EGG!  ME EGG!)  He adores both myself and Patrick and acts beside himself with glee when either of us returns (even if it's just from the basement.).  He still listens to his mobile every night.  He likes going to Sarah's on Friday and church on Sunday.  Everyone tells us what a sweet boy he is.  (but people always tell the parent that.  :)  )  He has been done nursing for about a month but will still ask for it sometimes while looking up at me out of the corner of his eye.  He is totally kidding around.  It is so cute.  He says gum with a funny little click of his tongue, the same sound he uses for milk.  He loves James and Ruby a lot and maybe loves their DS systems even a little bit more than that.  :)  He is naughty sometimes and messy all the time and his face is one of the cutest things in the world to me.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox x ∞, my littlest one.


  1. Oh my, this makes my heart ache just a little. Enjoy it Stephanie. It really does go by so fast.

  2. My Ryker turned two in December. He loves to say mine mine all the time. I wish I could get him to stop nursing though. He will say nurse? and I'll say no nursing is for babies and he will get mad and scream until I give in.

  3. I know, Becky. It gets harder as they get older. I didn't think he would quit and then I got lucky and he did. :)


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