Okay, the rain isn't helping and I did clean my whole house this morning but I am so lazy!

Yesterday afternoon turned gorgeous and we spent it outside.  Nicky can actually scoot on this scooter in the proper way.  It is so cute.  James lamented yesterday afternoon, "I am not very agile, Mom."  hahahaha.  He gets lots of points for trying and he is making some progress on those roller blades.

I also baked cookies and took Nicky to the park before the rain started earlier.  The sitter will be here in 20 minutes and then I am off to unload my stuff!  When I see the pictures going up on facebook of alllllll the stuff people are dropping off, it's hard to believe mine will sell.  There is soooooo much!  But there are also potentially 600 people (volunteers and consignors) shopping before the event even opens to the public so who knows.  Crazy, I tell you.

I bought these tiny sedums here yesterday.  Now I just need a tiny pot to put them in.  I couldn't help it, I fell in love.

I just noticed there is enough coffee in the pot for a to-go cup in a little bit here.  That is good news, my friends.

xoxo to you.


  1. Those are soooo cute. I just walked by some in the boulevard garden at the florist shop down the street and thought how cute they look on the border of a garden. Can't wait to hear how the sale goes! Miss you!


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