spring break!

Hello, friends!

How are you?  It's been so long. 

First, before I say anything else, I'd like to reassure my mom and dad that James and Nicky have both had haircuts.  (I am so lucky to have 2 parents that moonlight as haircut cops!  Thanks guys!  :)  xoxoxo)

We took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for Sunday/Monday and I still feel tired!  All those stairs!  All those kids!  :)  We had fun, though.  Today is our first official day of spring break at home and it started just the way I wanted...sleeping in until 8:00.  Nicky is still sleeping and I am about to make some coffee. 

The only thing I want to do today is exercise and drink about 4 gallons of water.  (after my coffee, of course)  I am a bloated mess.  Did I soak up a bunch of water while I was there or something?  I am looking/feeling pretty spongy today.  :) 

I'm sorry I missed thrift share monday yesterday as that is always fun.  If I get some time later (ha!) I want to go click around and see all the scores.  I had a pretty good week on ebay considering I only got 10 or 11 auctions up last week.  I sold a lot out of my store and was quite happy with my bottom line.  (well, not my bottom line but my financial bottom line.)  I don't have many new auctions up this week, either, maybe 7, but I did get a bunch of new items listed in my store and will hopefully get a few more in there this week.  I have a bunch of cute stuff for my etsy shop, too.  That has been feeling neglected lately.  Here are a few of my favorite sales from last week:

The last of the play food is gone!  I sold this lot to a woman in Spain for 7.99, bringing my total for that stuff to $27.00.  I paid 3 bucks so that was a decent profit.  She paid $19.00 to ship this stuff!

 This vintage bunny that I paid .60 for went for just over $27.00!  Nice!  The winner was a man in Japan that collects inflatable animals and he was so happy!  :)  I aim to please.
 This barkcloth panel I have had laying around for 10+ years sold for $24.00.  I paid about .50 for it back in the day.  It is totally not my colors but I could never get rid of it.  Glad I finally did.
 And my last cool Denby mug sold for $20.00.  (my other boring one didn't sell so it will go into my store.)
I hope your weeks are off to good starts!  My posting this week will depend on my children.  Bless their little hearts.  :)



  1. Hey there! I have been an awful blogger and an awfuller commenter lately. So, let me recap my thoughts here:

    1. I love your honesty here, as well as your raw-ness. Thank you always for sharing.
    2. Although I know nothing about your eBay career, I love reading about it. So fascinating to see how.much cash you make off of your thrift store finds. You've gotten me to think about how I probably give some good stuff Away. Maybe I should give it to you instead? Take out the middle man. What do you look for? I'm happy to sort thru clothes/shoes that are valuable and let you sell the. (and keep any money you make, of course, cuz I'm just wanting to get it Out Of My House)
    3. We were just in the dells too! We were at chula vista! Too bad we werent at the same park - would've been fun to run into there!

    Gotta fly and take my boy to his last basketball game, thank goodness. Long season...

    :) teresa


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