sunny day

Yesterday:  Yesterday was Nicky's birthday.  I exercised, baked a lot, wrapped gifts, rocked him to sleep, played with kids, tagged for consignment sale, celebrated, bedtime

Today:  Today I exercised, volunteered at Ruby's school, got groceries, tagged for consignment sale, took Nicky for walk, helped James on roller blades (!!), made dinner...hopefully will FINISH consignment stuff and get it in van.  Need to be done thinking about it!

Tomorrow:  I will babysit, exercise, cook dinner, think about ebay for week

Thursday:  exercise then I will have the morning FREE of obligations!!  OH.  Except for baking for bake sale.  (or, um, make rice krispy treats!)  :)  Probably do a little ebay/etsy.  Drop consignment stuff off in afternoon, have evening to myself.

Friday:  exercise, Volunteer in James' class, shop consignment pre-sale for volunteers, drop  Toddler time bake sale stuff off at 6pm, meet friends at 7, drink, laugh.

Saturday:  a little ebay but no more than 2 hours.  relax.  exercise.

Sunday:  day of rest.  church.  lots of time on couch with Patrick.

A super busy week this week but it's going well so far.  Yesterday was really fun.  Well, it got a little weird right before bed but these things happen in a family, right??  :)  The biggest thing is getting this consignment stuff done tonight so I can be done with it.  You know?  I just need it off of my mind and I will feel so good.  I am close.  Just need 120 more labels printed and stuck on and then to put it in bins and haul it to van.  whew!  I will have about 16 hours of work and $60 dollars worth of thrifted clothes into this sale after I spend the time dropping it off on Thursday.  With some of my kids old stuff, I have around 335 items to sell!!  We shall see if it's all worth it.  :)

James is still out on the roller blades with 2 neighbor girls.  They are being so sweet to his gangly little self.

I need some coffee.  I feel happy right now.  The sun is shining *and* I see the light at the end of my consignment sale tunnel.  :)



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