the weight, it's lifted

Last week I bought these large brass tone birds at Goodwill for $5.  I listed them in my etsy shop for $25 and they sold within a few days.  I thought they might...they are very cool.  I want some for myself but will paint mine a fun color.  I only want one soaring bird, though, and didn't want to break up the pair of them by keeping one.

I was also happy to sell this awesome vintage fabric I've had for y e a r s.  I had it on ebay last week and no one bid on it so I moved it to etsy with a $5 higher price tag and it sold that same day.  (19.99)

I like etsy because I can buy little things that just appeal to me and stick them in there for a small profit and it's fun!

I am so happy to report that I FINISHED with my consignment sale stuff last night.  Patrick carried the totes up for me as I filled them and they are all loaded up and ready to go tomorrow.  (except for one because it will have to go in James' spot.)  I have 5 regular sized totes and one jumbo (long) tote.  whew!  I have been collecting stuff for the fall/winter sale as well and already have quite a bit.  (ahem.)  If this sale doesn't pan out I will know to stop buying stuff and that will be good.  If it does pan out then I have a plan in place to put stuff on hangers as I bring it home so it will be less work next October.  We'll see.  I adore making plans!  It's just a bit harder to actually follow through with them.  :)

I just had to call the school to talk to someone about Ruby's lunch account.  Her bill was so high and she never eats hot lunch so I was confused.  Turns out her and James are on the same bill so that made more sense.  A simple thing but the woman on the phone was just so nice to me, so pleasant, that I felt very grateful that I spoke with her.  Those little interactions in life can really spin your day around.  A good reminder for me.

Kathy asked me last week how much time I spend shopping and I have to laugh.  HA!  Last week I spent way too much.  I got so excited about garage sales starting that I went with Nicky Thursday day (just to a couple), with Ruby Thursday night, by myself on Friday and with Ruby again on Saturday morning.  That was waaaaaay too much.  I haven't thrifted at all this week and won't until I go to the consignment sale on Friday.  I needed a break.  I did get a LOT of good stuff so that was good but I ended up just exhausted.  I would say I normally go once or twice during the week with Nicky (these are QUICK stops as the boy does not like to shop and a sucker only lasts so long), one week night every other week by myself and every Friday.  On Fridays, when I am alone, I usually hit 4 stores staying the longest at the dig for the by-the-pound clothing.  Remember, though, I love thrifting and have for years so it is still a pinch me kind of happiness that I can go even more than before and get paid for it.  :)  I think this falls in line with "do what you love and the money will follow..."  Not that I'm rolling in it now but it is working out quite nicely.  I am taking it easy this week with ebay and etsy (i.e. haven't done anything yet) and have already sold enough to meet my savings goal for the week and pay for Nicky's child care on Friday so I'm good with that.  I plan on doing some listing during nap time and am looking forward to it.

Seeing all these words is making my head spin.  You poor dears.  I will shut up now.



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