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How's it going?  Did you all have good long weekends last weekend?  I hope so.  Ours was very nice.

On Saturday we went to the gym with the kids.  We put them all in the play area and exercised together.  Watching Patrick run on the treadmill for 30 minutes was pretty hot.  :)  It's so funny to hug him and feel like I'm hugging the 21 year old Patrick.  Okay, he's not that ripped yet (he was in the Army at that time and stayed lean and muscley for many years...until we had kids.  :)  ) but he is doing sooooo good.  I think he'd be happy to keep working out but eat a little more and maintain where he is now, he just needs to see where some things are health-wise.  Watching him run inspired me to actually get started.  Remember I signed up for that 5K?  I was soooo scared to try running, I'm not sure why.  Probably because I knew it would be hard and I'm very scared of injuring myself.  But watching him run that whole time, when he was doing nothing exercise-wise a couple of months ago, inspired me to try it.  For a few times I just walked my first mile and then alternated walking and jogging intervals.  Last night I downloaded a couch to 5K app that notifies me, over my music, when to switch from walking to was very cool.  And very hard.  The speed I move can hardly be called running but whatever.  :) 

The remainder of Saturday was spent looking at cars, going to a park and grilling.  On Sunday Patrick went to work for a while and met us at 11:15 church.  The kids and I watched Coraline (almost...didn't see the end as we had to get ready for church) that morning and loved it.   After church we came home for lunch and hung out until our sitter came at 6pm.  Patrick and I went out to dinner and for a walk and to the bookstore.  It was a really nice night.

((There was a totally awkward moment on Sunday afternoon involving James unintentionally crashing a family party at a friend's house.  He went to see if the friend could play and came home a while later to say the Dad invited him to stay but he needed his epi pen as there was a lot of food out.  Dad said I could come over, too.  Okay, no.  Not going to a party I wasn't invited to (an engagement party) but now James was foaming at the mouth to play in the bouncy house/slip n slide, etc. He said Dad had invited him by himself, too, and he wouldn't eat anything.  I walked back over with him waited a few minutes to talk to the Mom and she seemed obviously annoyed "Well, I can't watch him but he can stay!" and James was already in the bouncy house so I told her he wouldn't eat anything and I'd be back really soon.  She hardly looked at me.  Now, this is his scout leader and I've always felt like we liked each other and that she really likes James so it was weird.  I went home for 20 minutes and went back and got him.  Thank God he left without putting up a fight.  It was all just sooooooo uncomfortable.  I think the Dad probably invited James to stay without Mom knowing and Mom was pissed about it.  I felt awful.  I understand her not wanting to think about one more thing (James eating something) during a party when she had all those people there.  Should I send her an email and apologize for the whole thing or just let it go?  Her attitude toward me surprised me a little but it must have just been because it was such a hectic day.  Good thing this didn't happen during my PMS week or I would have been wrecked over it.  :)  ))  /awkward

Monday was spent at home.  I got 20 items in my store (finally!) and we played lots of games and went for a 2 mile walk.  Ruby was SO proud and asked if we could do 3 miles next time.  :)  There was a BAD storm that afternoon so we spent some time in the basement.  Thankfully there was no damage to our house but some of my friends got hit pretty badly.  (roof torn off, paving bricks ripped up, patio table smashed into patio door, etc.)  creepy.

Tuesday was back to school and I volunteered in Ruby's room.  I had a friend over for coffee after that and in the afternoon the kids and I went to get some groceries and stuff at Target.  When we got home I dropped the van at the auto body shop for an estimate.

Oh yeah.  Patrick hit a small deer coming home with the kids on the night of my jewelry party!  Thank God no body was hurt.  The van, however, has $3000 worth of damages and will be fixed next week.

Yesterday I babysat until noon and spent the afternoon getting ready for Patrick's birthday.  He was 41 yesterday!  We got him some new running gear...shirt, shorts, socks, and a few other things.  He seemed to really like it all and dinner (just spaghetti and salads) and his cake.  The cake looked like a hot mess but it was delicious.  I used this recipe but used butter instead of shortening.  That cake is in the fridge and did you know cold cake is one of my favorite treats?????  Today will be hard.  Patrick and I talked about having a piece together tonight so I am vowing to leave it alone today.  oh nooooooo.  what have I done??  :)  (I really love cold, dense cake.  yummY!)

The kids are all good.  Ruby was really naughty on Tuesday  (she THREW MUD inside my neighbors house.  WHAT????!!!!!) so she is grounded until tomorrow probably.  It did soften my heart a tiny bit towards my very naughty neighbor boy.  This is the naughtiest thing Ruby has done and it was a quick reminder of that parenting rule: Never think your kid won't do _________.  :)  I also thought she was picking my neighbor's flowers the other day but she had only been dead-heading them like my neighbor had taught her.  :)  Close one, Ruby.  Nicky is good.  Saying please and thank you and "welcome" now, sometimes.  Saying, "Hi Mommy" to me.  love.  James and a friend tried out and got accepted to the school talent show on Friday.  They were the only 2nd graders to make it and Kelly and I were totally surprised!  Haha!  They are doing magic.  Should be so fun to watch.  :)

Nicky graced me with a long sleep this morning but now he's up.  I've missed it here and do apologize for the lack of photos.



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