Hello dear ones.

How are you?  I'm good.  My party was a lot of fun and I am definitely having friends over more often, no strings or jewlery attached.  That was my first (and probably last) product party and it was fine but made me feel kind of awkward.  Bygones!  Most importantly, I like my friends and appreciate that I have some really good ones.  :)  Almost everyone here ended up signing up for a 5K obstacle run called the Dirty Girl.  Wendy talked us all into it and I think it will be a lot of fun.  The running doesn't scare me so much because it's broken up by the 13 or so obstacles.  I've heard it's awesome.  I am totally happy to have a goal in mind.  I am still stuck at +4 lbs and it's totally for lack of trying.  I've been exercising but haven't been watching what I eat at all.  (hello, weekend of cupcakes, I'm looking at you.)  This week I am tracking on SparkPeople again and the limits feel GOOD.  I need some, you know?  The workouts feel good, as always, and I am really focusing on my arms.  My arms got so flabby over the winter!!  ugh.

Anyways.  I guess the jewlery should be here today and I'm so excited to deliver it and see my stuff.  I got 4 necklaces!  I love necklaces.  :)

Last night James went to a volleyball game with his friends and I took Ruby and Nicky to the Girl Scout Fiesta.  Nicky was a little turd, kept running away, so we left after about 45 minutes.  James' teacher talked me into bringing Nicky with to help their class make some ice cream this morning.  Should be fun.  ha!  :)  I suppose I will have 17 babysitters to help.  We are making this delicious ice cream this morning and another mom is coming in this afternoon to make cow's milk ice cream with them.  The kids are so excited! 

Speaking of cow's milk.  James ate the cheese, unmelted, out of a pack of Lunchables the other day.  He just wanted to try it, so he did, and it was fine.  His mouth felt funny with the first bite but was fine after that.  Now I know that is not really cheese but it does have dairy in it, and is not melted or baked, so that was crazy!  I suspected this, though.  That it is now just an oral thing with him, like it is with certain fruits for me sometimes.  He hasn't tried anything since but this will not be forgotten...

Speaking of Nicky.  I could EAT HIM UP.  He is so freaking cute, I cannot tell you.  His little face and body are the cutest things in the world to me and I just love to watch him.  He is talking a lot and I think he's very funny.  (of course I do.)  :)  Whenever I bring him someplace, before I unbuckle him, I say, "Are you going to be a good boy, Nicky?" and he will nod his head yes.  Last night he answered emphatically, "I be good!"  love, love, love.  2 is a perfect age in so many ways.  Yes, he runs away but everything else is awesome.  Last night he requested the "blue milk", or soy milk, when I went to pour him cow's milk.  He is just learning his colors and gets lucky every now and then.  ;)  Also, probably not so cute to the casual observer, he shoots all sorts of things with a little finger gun.  When I tell him no he will point his little finger at me and make shooting noises.  It is so cute!  Can you tell he is the 3rd child?  James didn't even know what a gun was until he was 4.  Nicky has watched part of I-Robot.  sigh.  I know what 3 can be like, HEAVEN HELP ME, so I am enjoying the heck out of 2. 

Enough of that.  I need to get him up now and get to school.  Wish me luck!



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