the hill

On Saturday I took the big kids for an outing. One of our stops was Elver Park...they wanted to climb the big hill.
It really is big.
We climbed it twice.

They ran back down.
Can you make out Ruby?  She is that little pink and blue speck.
James wanted to take off.
I walked down.

Unrelated.  Nicky.

He wants to help with everything.  I came downstairs the other day and he had emptied what was left of the dishwasher.  All of the plates were teetering on the edge of the counter.  It was so cute.  He usually just does silverware.  :) 

When I fold laundry, I separate into piles and everyone takes their pile and puts it away.  He insists on carrying his pile up to his room.  This is what he does next:
Ha!  Thanks, Nicky.  :)  xoxo


I hope you all had nice weekends.  Ours was good.  Uneventful but just what we needed.  Oh!  There was one big event!  I got my check!!!  I made $664 and was really happy about that.  yay!  My average item was priced at around $3 and I hope to increase that number to $5 for the next sale.  I am being much more selective about the stuff I buy (much less little $2 and $3 items) and I think fall/winter items can be priced higher in general.  You know...a pair of jeans is usually more than a pair of shorts. was so fun to get the check and I can't wait for the next sale!  (and I am totally working on it now, as I bring it home.) 

It seems like there was more but I am drawing a blank.  I hope to do a thrift share Monday later on.  I've missed that.  I think we are staying home today to bake.  I promised 3 loaves of quick bread for teacher appreciation week, due tomorrow.  I also have to bring a snack for girl scouts Wednesday night. (I agreed to be an assistant leader next year.  whaaaa????)

I just took the cutest picture of my sporty husband but he won't let me post it.  He said if I post it here or on facebook that he will disable the internet connection forever.  Nice.  Hasn't anyone ever told him not to abuse his power???  He is so flipping private.  (and cute. and he's lost 20 lbs.)



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