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Good morning, friends.  How's it going?  I'm good.  I didn't work on ebay at all last night and it felt so good to go to bed early and read for longer than 5 minutes.  I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it.  I started this morning by answering a bunch of questions I received about auction items.  Now I'm going to have some coffee and then get the kids up a little early.  They want to walk to school today.

Nicky and I were home all day yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent a lot of it outside.  I had dropped the van off yesterday morning and they finally called me late in the afternoon with an estimate.  I had decided before the consignment sale that I would use any money I made to fix the van.  I knew it would make me feel good to provide something for my family that we really needed and would have had to squeeze into our normal budget or take out of savings.  I prayed about this and really wanted to do it but also initially felt a little sorry for myself about not spending the money I made on anything "fun."  I decided that nothing would be fun without A/C this summer, though.  :)  It really had a laundry list of seriously annoying things wrong with it and the only other option was to buy a new one.  My ego wants a new van but I am over-riding that as our budget loves having no van payments.  :)  So, anyways, the estimate.  $650.00 to fix the A/C, the blower fans in the front, new front brakes and an oil change.  Do you remember how much I made?  $664.  God has a way of providing everything we need, doesn't He?  So thankful.  Patrick was really sweet to me about it, said "good job, bunny" a bunch of times and pointed out that there was enough left over to visit the thrift store and get an iced coffee.  :)

Later this morning is Toddler Time.  Right now I need to get to that coffee.  Here are a few pictures:

James has read 4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in the last week.  He came home the other day and said, "I just want to go read on the patio."  A boy after my own heart.

 Ruby and Nicky:
 I like this old driveway I passed yesterday on a walk:
 Nicky at James' school after his play.  See how tired he looks?  The play started at his naptime.  This was nearly 2 hours after that.  yawwwwwwwn.
 Ruby's sweet little legs the other morning:
 And James at the play.  He was co-narrator and unrolled his sleeves before going on.  sigh.  Silly kid.  :)


  1. So sweet that your son likes to read! I teach fifth grade and cannot tell you how many children enter my class who cannot read or hate it! Its so heartbreaking to me because I love to read. Keep up the good work!

  2. Way to go with the consignment sale!!! How many hours total to prepare? I wish I could have been there to shop for Edee. It was really warm the other day and she wore the cotton pale yellow overall you sent in the mail one day to go swing. So cute!!! She also wore the cream corduroy overalls recently. Thank you so much!!! I had them in the closet in a 12mth box and realized I better use them before she is out of 12mth stuff. She is fitting a lot of 18mth clothes at 6mths...what the? Miss you. You sound so good on hear and I love reading. I am proud of you for making this happen and being so savvy with it.


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