a manual for women who bring things home

Patrick came home from work last night and told me I had been talking in my sleep the night before.  He told me I had mumbled, "Didn't you read the manual for women who bring things home?"


I remember my dream.  My friend Kelly was cleaning a mug or something for me and couldn't get it all the way clean.  That must have been how I responded to her.  What a good friend I am.  :) 

Well, how was your week?  I missed being here but when I had the chance I didn't really have much to say.  Strange for me but not really considering the boring/busy week I had.  It was my week to volunteer in both rooms and babysit.  I also got groceries, exercised, did 45 listings (most on ebay, a few on etsy) (am doing 5 more later on), sold and shipped a lot, purged boatloads of school papers and did plenty of other light housekeeping duties.

Today the kids have early release so I ended up switching Nicky's day care day to yesterday.  He also went to the substitute day care house and had SO MUCH fun.  He kissed her and her motorized car goodbye when we left.  :)  It might have been my imagination but he seemed to look at his self-powered $3 Little Tikes car with a bit of disdain last night.  ha!

Our village wide garage sales start this morning.  yippee!  I looked out my bedroom window a while ago and saw 3 garage doors open already...everyone is getting set up.  I can feel the excitement in the air!  Okay, that might be a stretch but I am going to go for awhile even though yesterday was a long day of thrifting.  I will take Nicky with me this morning.  We'll walk to the nearby ones then I'll load him in the van for some others.  He is pretty good at garage sales for a while.  When he starts inching closer to the edge of the drive way (na na NO, as he would say) and looking at me, I know he's about done.  That's when I stick him in the van with a lollipop and everyone is happy for a while longer.

James is up and muttering about breakfast.  dang kids! ;)

One last thing.  Last night James and Nicky were both imitating Dave Hester.  YUUUUUUUUUP!  Loved it.  Maybe I have a future in storage locker auctions?!




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