prepare for the onslaught

of photos. I was not gone for a week for no reason. Oh no. I was right here and riding my way through 7 days of birthday celebrations, house guests, baking and more baking, babysitting, volunteering, PMS, tons of laundry, shipping ebay, getting sick, hurt feelings, getting better, some thrifting, and a trip to Milwaukee! Awesome. :) Glad it's over. :) (well, some of it.)

First, last Tuesday morning, the birthday girl.  My sweetheart turned six!  Oh, Ruby.  We adore you.

At school that day they got to hold the baby chicks they've been watching as they hatch and grow up a little.
Then it was time for cupcakes!
That evening we celebrated in the backyard.

I made one of those colorful cakes like a few of my friends have.  It really surprised them and was a big hit.  :)  (and a huge freaking mess to make because I was in a hurry.)  :)
Nicky inspecting Grandpa's beer:
I was so happy to see my Dad.  He and a friend just came for the night but we had such a good time.  This is how I like our patio best...messy and full of people I love.
Later on:

Cue Wednesday and Thursday:  I babysat and then got very sick with a cold.  Nicky went to the sitters on Thursday and I stayed on the couch/in bed alllllll day.  It did help and I felt well enough to help distribute 400 flyers for the Boy Scout food drive after school.  (Not that I wanted to, mind you.  :)  )

On Saturday morning we headed to Milwaukee!  It was a gorgeous day and we first took a long walk along the lake.

I love this one of them laughing:
Then it was in to the Discovery World Museum.

Ruby stayed here for a long time just petting sting rays as they'd go by:
We sat for a bit while the boys were doing something.  I love her messy little self.  (It was super windy outside.)  :)
After the museum we picked up our cupcakes.  They were HUGE and DELICIOUS.  We ate one in the car right away (we all shared it) and then dug in at the hotel.

That night we went out to dinner and for a drive and swimming at the hotel next door.  huh??  When we checked they told Patrick the pool was broken and we'd have to use the one next door.  Big bummer for the kids.  I went up to the desk later on and said how disappointed we were and right away she offered me a free night and said we could go next door or they'd put us on the shuttle to their sister hotel.  We went next door and it was really no problem, we just didn't swim the next morning like we probably would have.

On Sunday, another gorgeous day, we went to the Children's Museum.  It was really cool and the kids LOVED it.  I don't know how much longer James will enjoy this kind of stuff so I want to take advantage of it.  :)

Outside, a gorgeous view.
MKE Art Museum where I am going to go before this ends. 
You can barely see James but he was ROCKING out up on that platform.  There was a band playing and he loved it so much.  It was darling.  I love seeing him right here, at this age where he isn't holding himself back yet from showing whatever he is feeling. 

Of course they played in the fountains again:
I didn't get pics of the other two because Patrick had gone to get the van and I was just keeping my eyes on Nicky.  :)  I know J&R won't run into the street.  Not this one.

And this was about 15 seconds after we buckled him in.  No joke.  The boy was tired.
And here was that box of cupcakes when we got home last night.  We sure enjoyed them!!
Here's their decal which I LOVE, of course.  :)
And here is Nicky out on the patio this morning.  Our breakfast consisted of graham crackers and sunbutter, coffee and milk.  We have no cereal, bread, yogurt of fresh fruit in the house.  :)  A trip to the store is on the agenda for later.

I didn't do any ebay listing last week at all.  Just shipped what sold.  I hope to get some new listings up this week...maybe in a while when the boy lays down. 

I'm also having a Lia Sophia party tomorrow night and am really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and having a glass of wine.  (or sangria!)  I wish I was having people over just for fun but this will be fun, too, and I made a promise to myself to have my friends over a few times during the summer.  

Now to get that baby to bed.  Thank you if you got through all of that.  :)



  1. And I bet you got into both of those museums for free with you Madison children's museum membership, right? Love that reciprocity thing they have going on. Great pictures - looks like a fun weekend! And week!

  2. Looks you had a great time!

  3. sweet pics~ looks like fun, miss your patio :)xoxo seester

  4. Oh how fun! We were just looking at photos of you guys last night that we have in an album. Ruby looked so very tiny! Now she looks so grown up. Happy birthday Ruby!


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