I wrote this post yesterday but it was a FAIL so here it is again. :)

Women's Chaco's.  Bought for $3 sold for $20 because I wasn't sure about the size.  I guessed and listed them as a 9 (measured and checked charts) and buyer got them and said they were marked an 8.  I apologized profusely and sent her a refund plus return shipping $$ last Friday.  No shoes back to me yet and no response from her.  :(  Ebay is involved now.
James' old Keens.  I bought at a thrift store 2 years ago for $3.50 and he wore them a lot.  Pretty ratty cosmetically but not falling apart or stinky.  Sold for $20.
Men's North Face Sandals.  Paid $6, Sold for $30 to Israel.
MEn's Danskos.  Paid 6.50, sold for 69.99
Girls Circo cowboy boots.  paid $4, sold for $25
Ziggy Mug  paid .25, sold for 20.99
Men's old Birks that had been polished so the leather looked very nice.  paid 3.50, sold $35.
Handmade owl.  Paid 3 or 4 and sold for 35.00 to someone overseas.  they paid $30 shipping and I had to re-pack it a couple times to get it under 4lbs.  If you're selling something overseas make sure the item AND the proper packaging come in under your stated weight.  It might only make a couple dollars difference in the US but the shipping charge usually DOUBLES for overseas if you go past 4lbs.
I was also happy to finally sell these keds that I bought a while back.  paid 3.99, sold 20.00.

Now this week seems a bit slow to me but I've had $200 in sales, a bunch of offers (that I've counter-offered on) and a bunch of auctions going because it is free auction week for store owners.  I took a bunch of stuff that wasn't moving and listed it as an auction and like 5 of the things have bids.  We'll see!!  :)

Time to make the donuts.

I wish.

Time to make the lunches.



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